172: Checking In with the Team During COVID-19

This is a special check-in episode with the team behind The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast and community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Connected Yoga Teacher team is based in different parts of the world, and Shannon checks in with the main team members: podcast editor SuZen Marie, community managers Nyk Danu and Sinead O’Connor, and show notes writer Crunch Ranjani. She also shares updates from Michael from Schedulicity, Shelly Aaron who helps with video production, and Kelly Christian who helps with accounting. 

This series of interviews was recorded back at the end of April 2020, a few weeks after the global pandemic was first declared. We get a glimpse into the lives of the people who make The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast and community possible, the situation where they are based, and some of the challenges they are facing right now.

Key Takeaways:

[:39] Shannon introduces SuZen Marie, the editor of the podcast.

[1:41] SuZen explains why she had to opt-out of doing a live chat with Shannon.

[2:20] SuZen shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her and her family.

[6:19] Shannon shares some context around when these interviews were recorded.

[6:46] Shannon checks in with Nyk Danu, who shares more about how she has transitioned to sharing yoga online.

[9:11] How has life changed for Nyk since the coronavirus hit?

[11:28] Nyk and Shannon discuss how her community might be reopening soon.

[13:22] What looks different in Nyk’s day-to-day life?

[17:21] What does Nyk foresee for yoga teachers and studios?

[21:13] Shannon checks in with Sinead O’Connor.

[26:10] Sinead shares more about the switch of going from pre-coronavirus to everything being shut down.

[27:56] Sinead gives an update on her family and the COVID situation.

[31:40] What is the biggest difference for Sinead? She shares how she has been managing life at home with her children.

[35:24] Shannon and Sinead discuss the transition to virtual classes for studios and students.

[38:44] Shannon introduces Crunch Ranjani, who writes the show notes for the podcast.

[40:50] Crunch shares what it’s like to be in one place after being used to travelling.

[42:20] Shannon gives an update on her situation.

[44:32] Crunch gives some insight into the day-to-day situation in Singapore, and what happened when the coronavirus was first detected in Singapore.

[48:17] Crunch shares her routines and tips to help with working from home.

[55:30] Shannon gives a quick update from Schedulicity.

[57:01] Shannon introduces Shelly Aaron, who does some video editing for Pelvic Health Professionals.

[1:02:56] Shannon gets an update from Kelly Christian, who handles the accounting and books of the business.

[1:08:13] Shannon gives some final shout outs.


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