How to Craft a Great Sales Page with Sarah Guilliot222: How to Craft a Great Sales Page with Sarah Guilliot

Do you have a sales page to promote your yoga offerings? An important part of sharing the work that you are doing with the world, is marketing and selling – and there are ways to do it without being salesy! Sarah Guilliot has some tips on how to craft a great sales page so that you can share your offerings with the people they are designed to help.

Sarah Guilliot is the founder of Sarah Design and expert on Sales Pages. She worked as a professional designer in the corporate world for 20 years, before switching gears to focus her energy on helping coaches, course creators, and podcasters create amazing sales pages for their launches. Today, Sarah works 1:1 with clients to create customized and unique sales pages that truly reflect the quality of their expertise and drive more sales.

From the words and images to use, to the mistakes to avoid – Sarah breaks down what exactly makes a sales page great. She also shares her checklist of things you should include in your sales page, as well as how you can get inspiration for your sales page from other websites and your own students.

This is a great episode for every yoga teacher with a website – it will definitely help you refine your sales and shop pages so that you can get more students in your classes, retreats, trainings and more!

Key Takeaways:

[8:24] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Sarah Guilliot.

[9:21] How did Sarah get into creating sales pages for websites?

[10:34] What is a sales page?

[12:59] Yoga teachers might create sales pages for higher ticket items like a yoga teacher training that they offer.

[14:25] What is the goal of a sales page?

[16:38] Yoga teachers worry about being slimy and salesy on their sales pages. Sarah has some advice around getting into the right mindset for creating a sales page.

“Make sure your language and your plan for how you’re selling to people aligns with what feels good to you.” ~ Sarah Guilliot

[19:28] What are some of the mistakes people make with their sales pages? What are some considerations to keep in mind?

“Try not to use too many words. Keep your headlines short and punchy. Small paragraphs, and bullet points are your friend.” ~ Sarah Guilliot

[22:16] How many images should you be using for your sales page? 

“Try and find ways to use pictures as much as you can, and also try to find pictures that really represent the experience that you in particular offer.” ~ Sarah Guilliot

[26:43] You could also show short videos of what your actual class will be like.

[27:46] Sarah shares a checklist of things to consider when creating a sales page.

[34:46] If you would like to see Sarah explain some sales page examples, check out the live video interview (link below).

[35:16] What are some of Sarah’s suggestions in terms of looking at other websites to help us design our own?

[36:47] Get in touch with Sarah via her website to do a one-day design intensive for your sales page.

[38:19] Some sales pages don’t have an option to return to the main website. What are the benefits of that?

[41:26] What are your key takeaways from this interview?

Sales Page Checklist:

  • Title or tagline (what’s included or talking to transformation)
  • Images or videos showing what this experience will look like
  • Dreamy statement (bullet point problems – focus on the solution)
  • Promise statement (what you are going to get – benefits)
  • Photos or something that shows what they get
  • Social proof (testimonials)
  • Bio or about you section
  • Details (specifics of what they get)
  • Who this is for / not for
  • Reassurance (refund policy)
  • FAQ section
  • Call to action (sprinkled through page)


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