Money Mindset Workshop with Rosslyn Kemerer

Online Training for Yoga Teachers

Everyone has hangups around money. Whether you love it or hate it, there are judgements, expectations and associations we all have that cause us suffering in many different ways.

Money is a form of energy. The word “currency” literally implies a ‘flow.’ Money is connected to our sacral chakra energy center and when healthy and in balance, moves in and out freely. But so often, it plays an over or under-active role in our lives.

This in-depth online money mindset workshop will be a journey into our deepest and most ingrained patterns, fears and assumptions about money. We will learn how to heal our relationship with finances from the inside out.

Live Class Time:
Thursday, May 25, 2017
10-11:30am EST

$45 CAD [including downloadable replay video]

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About Rosslyn: 

Rosslyn Kemerer is a graphic designer turned yoga entrepreneur who founded Wholehearter Yoga. She lives just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she operates a home studio, serving her community through yoga teaching, coaching, energy healing, and graphic design consulting.

“I believe that if we’re committed to paying attention, we can find ways to fuel our spirit and realize our greatest strengths, dreams and purpose. In my experience, yoga has helped me to remember what those things are. We all deserve to discover what makes us feel supported, whole, on fire…we all deserve to make the commitment to be curious and live wholeheartedly.” ~ Rosslyn Kemerer