Metronome Pose

The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show: Episode 16

Today on The Connected Yoga Teacher live show, Shannon Crow shares one of her favourite yoga poses — Metronome. It is excellent for building strength and steadiness. The inner unit / core 4 is asked to work in synergy in this pose as you move slowly and with breath.

Shannon also answers a question from a fellow Connected Yoga Teacher, Sheryl of Bhava Tree. Sheryl asks about systems and software for client information.

There is a video (to the left) that will walk you through metronome pose, giving a few variations to try in your own practice or in a class that you are guiding.

Below are the benefits and cues for metronome pose.

Metronome Pose Benefits:

  • Builds strength (muscles and bones) and steadiness (balance)
  • Uses core 4 / inner unit – great pose for pelvic health and core
  • Beginner / gentle pose and easily adjusted to be a more advanced pose
  • Preparatory pose for Warrior III and other 1-legged balances
  • Strengthens multifidus (muscles running from the cranial vertebrae to the sacrum along the spine)
  • Activates deep transversus abdominis muscles
  • Great for a chair yoga class, using the chair for balance

Metronome Pose Cues:

  • Continuous breath
  • Small bend in standing leg – remind throughout movement
  • Hold on to a wall or chair for support (this isn’t cheating — it can actually help us to improve balance even more)
  • Beginner / Chair Yoga students – touch toes down, while holding the wall or chair
  • See how slowly you can move, continuing to breathe, keeping the bend in the standing leg
  • More advanced students – use the block, let go of the wall/chair and close the eyes
  • Preparatory pose for Warrior III and other standing balance poses
  • Slide one hand along the back and place one hand on the abdomen
  • Visualize a metronome and how it moves – upper body move in line with the leg that is moving

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