Chrissie Wywrot has had 10 years of digital marketing and public relations experience that began with her work in the NFL. She grew up the South of Detroit in a small town and has always been passionate about sports.

Chrissie’s career path is an excellent example of finding your niche, a topic that has been interwoven into many of our episodes. After college, Chrissie pursued her passion for sports by working for the Detroit Lions in guest services. Having an interest in public relations inspired her to work her way to managing their website. Website development included a lot of writing, graphics, photography and social media.  

Niching down further, Chrissie left the world of sports in 2014 to focus on guiding service-based businesses toward utilizing social media in the most effective way. Chrissie, a self-proclaimed “social media nerd”, gets to focus on her favourite aspect of public relations. And, as a mother of 3, she appreciates being able to establish a more flexible work schedule by working for herself.

Chrissie emphasizes authenticity, passion, and depth as the key elements needed for a productive online presence.

Today Chrissie is going to give us insight into Linkedin, a professional networking site, used by employers and job seekers, where valuable connections can be made.

Chrissie’s journey into social media [6:20]

Define your goal before deciding what social media tools best work for you [13:10]

How to use LinkedIn as a social media tool [15:10]

Using native content in LinkedIn and gearing your profile to your audience(s) [17:30]

Definition of native content [18:40]

The biggest mistakes you can make using LinkedIn [19:45]

New and updated LinkedIn since purchase by Microsoft and Advantages of LinkedIn vs. Facebook  [20:50]

Importance of planning out your LinkedIn profile [21:50]

Opportunities for yoga teachers in the corporate yoga niche [23:00]

Using the sales navigator tool  [24:00]

Advice to reluctant social media users [25:10]

What to expect when working with a social media expert, like Chrissie, to optimize your LinkedIn profile [26:10]

Customize shared content toward your business [31:10]

Leaving your LinkedIn profile open in all settings to best connect with others [32:45]

Third party scheduling tool- Buffer [34:00]

How many times a week should you check up on your LinkedIn profile [34:45]

Being consistent in your engagement with potential clients [35:30]

Specific advice to yoga teachers when engaging in social media “7 touch points” [35:15]

Building relevant connections on LinkedIn and consider connecting using personal notes [38:00]

Marketing yourself as a yoga teacher [39:45]

Shannon’s closing thoughts [41:50]

We’ve learned so much from Chrissie Wywrot in this episode including LinkedIn’s ability to gain more traction with your content than Facebook. If you don’t have a website it is a great alternative!

What LinkedIn action are you going to tackle this week? If LinkedIn isn’t your channel is there another platform you can look at? Consider writing an article which can really help bring people to your profile, and also consider scheduling time each week to work on your content.


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