Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Written by Laura Cameron
A thread in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group brought a lot of great insight into the pros and cons of various insurance companies along with other considerations when purchasing yoga teacher insurance.

The post included a poll asking which insurance company you chose for your current policy. There were 111 respondents to the poll and here are the results:

#1 Philadelphia Insurance (United States) 33%

#2 Lackner McLennan Ltd. (Canada) 32%

#3 Alliant Insurance (United States) 14%

#4 Holman Insurance (Canada)  8%

#5 Insurance House (Australia) 5%

#6 Yogi Chuck (United States) 3%

#7 Massage Magazine Plus 2%

#8 Yoga Journal 1%

#9 Markel Insurance 1%

#10 Aon (Australia) 1%

Some considerations that were brought forward by members in the thread:

Customer Service

Lackner McLennan Ltd and Philadelphia Insurance were mentioned as providing excellent customer service

Melinda commented “I was able to get insurance today with Lackner McLennan. The customer service was absolutely incredible. That alone is worth the money to me!”

Sharyl shared: Just signed up for Philadelphia 2 days ago. The research process was easy & they had good info about coverage that was easy to understand.”

Coverage for More Than One Purpose?

One policy for combined purposes can limit which companies you can get a policy from but you save you money.

Dominique relayed her particular experience: I recently had to switch from Lackner McLennan because I am a Personal Trainer as well and there were too many restrictions with LM.”

Diane also had special circumstances: “I have insurance through Holman as they were the only broker that I could find that would allow me to join my two offerings of yoga teaching and psychotherapy (which is a regulated profession in Ontario) on the same policy. I save a couple hundred dollars per year by doing this.”

Consider ALL the places you are teaching to ensure you are covered. This includes insurance if you travel to teach (even just to various studios), for outdoor spaces, and as Shannon contributed, she recently added online teaching to her coverage.

Don’t forget that your yoga specialty may need to have specific coverage. As Dominique’s incredibly informative share included your specialty such as pre or postnatal yoga can be more expensive but it is very important that is included in your policy so you are sufficiently covered.

Other Important Considerations

Make sure your insurance company covers Professional Liability as it’s often not the case. Another area of coverage is Commercial and Tenant Liability which could include coverage for accidents just outside the building, damage to the building, credit card fraud, and coverage for your props and other items such as your computer or sound system.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the poll. It offers some great insight into this important but complex aspect of being prepared to teach yoga. If you have other experiences with insurance companies or coverage, in general, please feel free to vote in our poll and comment in the thread.