Increase Your Class Size: Part 1

The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show: Episode 4

1. Define Your Ideal Yoga Class Size
Would you prefer to teach a one-on-one private class or a class of 20 students? How many students do you need to pay for your time, rent, fuel? Sometimes we think we want bigger classes, but until we define what we want it is hard to plan how to get there and impossible to know when the goal is met.

ACTION ITEM: Once you have the ideal number of students in your head – get a yoga class sign in form, fill it out and put it where you can see it every day. If you would like a blank yoga student sign in form – I have put one in our Connected Yoga Teacher fb group file section – click here to download that.


2. Registered Sessions
Instead of wondering how many students will show up so that you can pay your rent – offer only registered sessions. When you sign up for most classes (other than yoga) they are offered in sessions. You can then know what your income and expenses are at the beginning.

ACTION ITEM: Try running a registered session.

3. Advertise
Decide what advertising tool works for you — Newspaper, Radio, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Periscope to name a few) or good old fashioned posters. If you need help creating a poster – click here.

ACTION ITEM: Create a Facebook event for your next class, session or event.

4. Classes to Suit Your Students
The students in my area (or the ones drawn to my classes?) like gentle yoga that gives focus to mobility and strength. This is how my Gentle Yoga for Hips & Shoulders focus was created.

ACTION ITEM: Check in with your students to see what kind of yoga they are looking for (email survey, phone call, talk with them at your next class).

5. Define Your Yoga Niche
I struggled with this for years. I wanted to teach many styles of yoga so that I would get more students. I just ended up very tired with my 16-classes-a-week schedule. When I niched down in my yoga business, I saw more yoga students. I also put together a workshop to help teachers do the same.

ACTION ITEM: Do the passion/curiosity & skills/expertise exercise – click here for that information and/or sign up for the Define Your Yoga Niche Online Workshop.

6. Be Patient and Consistent
Be a consistent teacher and students will learn they can count on you.

ACTION ITEM: Keep showing up to teach