Guided Savasana

The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show: Episode 14

Today on The Connected Yoga Teacher live show, Shannon shares a guided savasana (relaxation), that was written by some of the members of The Connected Yoga Teacher group.

Anyone can enjoy this relaxing and rejuvenating guided savasana with the video link to the left. Below is a full list of the co-authors and wording shared.

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Guided Savasana

Written by Members of The Connected Yoga Teacher: Cathy Scott, Wendy Ziegler, Deborah Whipple, Nina Andic, Anjannette Carter, Anna Elizabeth, Whitnee Denard, Donna Axford, Tara Laval, Linda Orsini Woods, Maxine Iharosy, Bonnie Gardiner, Joanne Pineau, Wendy Ross and Shannon Crow

As you move to lie down on your back,

Feel free to shift around to find comfort in this nurturing place of presence.

Feel your physical body relax.

Become aware of your skin touching the floor around you.

Allow your bones to be heavy on the mat and let your muscles soften around them.

Thank those bones,

And skin,

Snd muscles,

For getting you this far.

Surrender into the un-doing.

Surrender to gravity and the need to hold on.

Surrender everything,

Honouring the ability to honour yourself,

In this moment,

Allowing just your breath to be,

As it is.

And as you become aware and present in this moment,

Allow yourself to embrace this journey of wholeness.

Give yourself permission to just be in this moment.

To let go.

Now, take a moment to survey your body.

Adjusting it to make it as comfortable as possible.

Gently inhale and release,

Allowing the body to soften and relax into the mat.

Nothing to do, nowhere to be.

Bring gentle awareness to your breath.

Feel your abdomen rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation.

Notice the texture of the breath as you inhale deeply and release fully.

Allow yourself to feel the subtle dynamic of density and weightlessness.

Melt like a puddle into the earth beneath you,

Skin soften away from muscle,

Muscle soften away from bone.


Feel the support of Mother Earth holding you,

Providing everything you need in this moment.

Knowing that the inhale and the exhale will happen when they need to,

No need to effort in the balance of giving and receiving breath.

Experience the body as an effortless breath.

Leaving behind the thoughts and worries we may have,

We can begin to relax with each breath in and each breath out.

Feel the support of the earth and sense the support of your community of yoga teachers,

Also finding time to renew and recharge,

With all of the words shared by many,

Weaving together to make a beautiful piece of art.

When you are ready – start to deepen the breath.