Fill Your Classes

3-Day Challenge for Yoga Teachers
Tired of showing up to class for not enough students and pay? We get it. You have taken loads of training, you plan out your classes and put a lot into them.
That is why we have created this 3-Day challenge for you.
We want to help you to attract new students, fill your classes and retain those numbers. Then you can keep showing up, sharing the yoga that you love. And your students can keep gaining the benefits of yoga.
What to expect in this 3-day challenge:
  • Daily emails that contain some education and a simple task for you to take that day.
  • Daily videos in the private Facebook Group: The Connected Yoga Teacher. If you aren’t in there yet, be sure to join before we get started.
  • Encouragement and a little nudging. We are going to cheer you on each step of the way but also ask you to think and take action.

Who is Hosting the 3-Day Challenge?

Meet Amanda:


I’m so excited to meet and connect with you!

I’m a marketing coach for yoga teachers and I seriously love what I do. My superpower has been described as making things manageable through encouragement.

I’m here to help you market yourself authentically and share yoga with more students. If we aren’t connected on social media yet, be sure to connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. You got this and we got you!!

Meet Shannon:

This challenge is going to be action-packed!

I am a consultant and trainer working for yoga teachers. I am also a Mom of 3 and for years, the 4 of us lived off of my yoga income alone.

I get what it is like to go from doing yoga to marketing yoga. It wasn’t always easy. I am here to help you to share the yoga that lights you up (while building a profitable yoga business).

Let’s dive in! Let’s be friends on Facebook and Instagram if we are not already.

QUESTIONS? We love to hear from you

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