Define Your Yoga Niche

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What is your unique yoga offering?

I believe that every yoga teacher has a unique yoga offering that no one else can replicate.

Back in 2018 I led a live Define Your Yoga Niche training.

It was packed with all kinds of information to help yoga teachers to excavate their specialty.

You are landing on this page from a search or from an older email. 

AND I have an update! 

Since working with 100s of yoga teachers I have learned a much quicker approach to specializing (defining your niche). 

This is why I no longer sell the 3-week training. I feel like it isn’t as effective as a 1:1 call.

So if you are ready to dive into some niche work — let’s set up a consultation call.

If your message is for everyone, it really is for no one.
~ Carol Cox