COVID-19 (coronavirus) Resources

for Yoga Teachers & Studios

What can we Learn from Italy?

Silvia shares how she has moved her classes online since the lockdown.


Silvia Paparello shares her experience as a yoga teacher living in lockdown now in Italy. We can learn so much from her.

She shares how two weeks ago everyone was still attending class in person, how she felt when the coronavirus spread to her community and how she continues to share yoga with her students online. 

How can we prepare for Coronavirus
as yoga teachers and studios?

How can we help to offer calm in a time of stress and fear?


Jen Wen is a yoga teacher based in Taipei, Taiwan. At her studio, they have implemented a coronavirus protocol. Today she shares what that protocol is and we talk about our role as yoga teachers during this time of stress.

Here is the protocol that Jen’s studio is using (along with general practices).

1/ Keep an electronic thermometer & alcohol spray at the front entrance. Take ppl’s temperature: if they’re under the accepted temp, let them in & spray their hands w/alcohol. If not, they can’t come in.

2/ Put up a sign at the front door stating whether they’ve traveled internationally & to stay home if they’re not feeling well. (Self-quarantine is 2-weeks.)

3/ Wear a mask if you’re sick (according to media), but many are wearing when they go on public transport.

4/ Wash your hands w/soap for 20 sec (length of happy birthday & alphabet song). The coronavirus has a fatty lipid membrane which can be washed off by soap, hence killing it. *Wash before taking your mask off & putting on.

5/ Sneeze into a tissue, not your hands.

6/ Refrain from putting your hands into your mouth, eyes, nose.

Offer Yoga Online Masterclass

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

@ 9am Eastern / 8am Central

In this masterclass, we will share the step-by-step process to get your yoga online quickly and low-cost. A replay will be available but there will be time for Q&A during the live class.

Registration is required for this Masterclass to attend live and to get the replay recording.

Helpful Websites & Links

Example of Community Communication

Example Email to Yoga Students



Below is a great email example that Jennie MacGoy of Breathe with Jennie sent out to her yoga students.

Thanks for letting me share this here Jennie.

Mar 14, 2020 email from Jennie

These are difficult times, for sure. In the interest of the most vulnerable in our midst, my group classes will be moving online for the time being.

Here are the details:

  • Current students can continue to use their class pass (and renew as needed).
  • New students are welcome to purchase a class pass or “drop in”.
  • Credit card payments will be taken via my online scheduling program: Schedulicity
  • Classes will be held at their regular time and day of the week. You can see my schedule and register at
  • You will need a Zoom ID to view the live class. Logging into Zoom is FREE. I will send you the Zoom ID after you register on Schedulicity. Learn more about Zoom here.

Don’t let technology scare you away — my 73-year-old mother figured it out quickly and she’s not exactly tech-savvy (no offense Mom!).

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Together we will continue to breathe until this crisis has passed.

Take care,

Mar 8, 2020 email from Jennie

Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now, and rightly so. 

As a mom of four who also has elderly parents and dear friends with compromised immune systems, my awareness is particularly heightened. I also have many yoga students who are seniors or live with or care for family members in the most vulnerable populations.

I struggle with this email. I want your time on the mat to be an opportunity to de-stress and to let go of your worldly cares for a little while. But as a responsible studio owner, I can’t NOT address this virus. Therefore, I ask that you please do the following:

  • If you do not feel well, please do not come to class and please reschedule your private session (there will be no penalty for late cancellation of private sessions due to illness for the next few weeks).
  • Try to arrive at the studio a little early so you can wash your hands before your session or class (you may use the studio bathroom and the powder room at the top of the stairs); I will be wiping down the doorknobs and hand railing daily.
  • Please bring your own mat, if possible. You can find inexpensive ones at Ross and Marshall’s — even Five Below (if you have a tween girl, you are VERY familiar with this place.) If you regularly borrow one of mine, please use the wipes provided to clean the mat after use.
  • I am temporarily suspending the use of all props. You are welcome to bring your own (e.g., bolsters, pillows, seat cushions, blankets, thick books). We are all gonna have to get creative for a while! In addition to bringing them to class, you’ll be all set to start a home practice. I would love to help you to do this!
  • I will electronically check-in students for class; no need to sign-in on the paper for now (which means I need to step up my record-keeping game!)

Private students: consider doing your sessions via Zoom or Skype. I am happy to discuss with you!

Finally, here are a couple of links that you might find helpful:

Thank you for your attention to these important matters. With education, some extra precautions, and A LOT of breathing, we will all get through this!