Contraindicated Yoga During Pregnancy

The Connected Yoga Teacher: Episode 2

I have to apologize in advance for the delay between the sound and the video. I tried out the new Facebook live with my desktop and decided to also use an external microphone. It didn’t work well. Soon I will have lots of tips for our episode on Facebook live videos.

In this episode I talk about the 8 yoga contraindications during pregnancy. These have been defined by Kim and I, the co-founders of the MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga School. We wanted to compile this list so that teachers could easily have a reference for what not to have the pregnant student doing in a yoga class.

If you would like a full print out of the yoga poses that are contraindicated in pregnancy along with the reasons why and the examples of poses visit the MamaNurture website. It is our free gift to anyone who signs up for our newsletter.