Containdicated Yoga During Pregnancy

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This list offers general guidelines regarding yoga and pregnancy. Each pregnancy is unique and therefore it is best to talk with your healthcare provider and a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) to develop a practice that suits your specific needs.

This list is offered in the MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

Contraindicated Yoga During Pregnancy

Contraindicated for Pregnancy



1. Breath retention and/or strong, forced breathing
Affects delivery of oxygen to the fetus
Viloma pranayama, breath of fire
2. Advanced poses that challenge and build heat

Stress to pregnant parent and fetus, overheating

Any poses that are vigorous and/or new to the pregnant practitioner
3. Poses that engage and/or stretch the rectus abdominus muscles
Can cause stretching and/or tearing of abdominal muscles
Leg lifts, boat pose, plank pose, chaturanga, crow pose
4. Front Extensions
Can overstretch abdominal muscles
Camel, wheel, upward facing dog
5. Inversions
Decreases blood flow to uterus, can cause dizziness
Headstand, handstand, shoulder stand
6. Prone Poses (on belly)

Uncomfortable for pregnant parent

Cobra, bow, sphinx
7. Closed Twists

Too much pressure on abdominal cavity – uncomfortable

Revolved triangle, revolved side angle, seated closed twist
8. Hot Yoga
Overheating can cause miscarriage and/or birth defects
Moksha, Bikram