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Shannon Crow

Shannon Crow


Included with this call:

  • The initial consultation is 60 minutes of inspiration, answers and ACTIONABLE STEPS for your yoga business.
  • We meet via Zoom (from your computer or mobile device)
  • Following the call, I send you the audio file to download/review along with notes from the consultation
  • No preparation work is required. Just be ready by your computer or phone for the call.

Initial Consultation Fee: $150 CAD

CLICK HERE to fill out the initial consultation form.

*The Initial consultation is the first step in our working relationship.  Other consultation calls cannot be scheduled unless you have already booked an initial consultation. 

All calls are booked in EST (Toronto time). Here is a time zone converter.

This service is for those that have had an INITIAL CONSULTATION CALL.

Included with the continued consultation calls:

  • 1 hour call in which we continue to look at your goals and next steps for your unique yoga business
  • We meet via Zoom (from your computer or mobile device)
  • Following the call, I send you the audio file to download/review

Continued Consultation Fee: $130 CAD

All calls are booked in EST (Toronto time). Here is a time zone converter.

“WOW! Thank you SO much for the consultation call! I feel more settled and confirmed in my niche / ideal student work now. I kept feeling like I needed to get even more specific but couldn’t figure out how!

And then all the other things we talked about were so tangible and helpful!! Thank you SO MUCH for your time.

I am proud to say I created a 3-month content calendar and have batched video recordings the last 2 weeks! I also did 1 FB Live and planning another one this week.”

Tracey Daniel

Heart Soul & Mind Yoga

Shannon is amazing at what she does! She has a keen ability to actively listen to my intention underlying what I am trying to communicate when I struggle to find the exact words. Her questions are thoughtful and poignant; they provide space to allow me to reflect and ensure I am integrating my own values and goals. She is a great balance between providing emphatic support and giving me the push I need to propel my business forward. Her conversational style is easy, genuine and focused. I would highly recommend connecting with Shannon as a consultant for your business!

Diane Liska


Shannon did consulting for me and she is by FAR the most CREATIVE, amazing, keeping it real and lovely person I have worked with. Her ideas to grow my students and private sessions were truly innovative (and after 15 years I thought I’d heard them all… nope). She’s amazing!!! Hire her!! You’ll be glad you did. Also, check out all her podcasts. I love those!! A wealth of info!! Her Yoga for Pelvic Health online course was wonderful as well. Thanks so much, Shannon!! You know your stuff and are one of the sweetest people out there!

Sherry Longbottom


I had my initial consultation call with Shannon last week. I have to say, I was drawn to her because of her calm and inspiring demeanour and all of the work she has placed into the Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook page and podcasts. After the 90 minute call (which did not feel nearly as long as I worried it might), I left with a number of ideas and practical applications for my yoga business. I also have a lot of work to do, but none of it seems overwhelming- in fact, it is all very timely and a natural progression for me in my business. Shannon has a lot of ideas and I can’t wait to continue working with her, as well as learning from the collective community she has created.


RPYT, RYT, Aryn's Family Yoga

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