Conscious Marketing for Yoga Teachers

with Tristan Katz
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Conscious Marketing for Yoga Teachers

with Tristan Katz

This workshop happened live in September of 2021.

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How comfortable do you feel about marketing in your yoga business?

Do you wish you could develop some marketing strategies that align with your values?

Do you wonder how to include social justice in your yoga business but you’re not sure where to start?

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Conscious Marketing with Tristan Katz

For many of us, marketing is a learning curve that our YTT did not prepare us for and finding that authentic voice, or getting past any icky feeling around selling offerings, can be difficult.

We know this topic is important to our audience, so The Connected Yoga Teacher is teaming up with Tristan Katz to host a three-hour online workshop to explore systems and best practices for all things digital marketing – from social media, to websites, to newsletters, this learning space will support you in staying aligned, grounded, authentic, and conscious while also growing your work.

Branding, storytelling, and foundational marketing concepts will be core themes woven through our session, along with discussions about boundaries, self-care, critical thinking, and justice-based topics such as social location, proximity to power, and intersectionality – together, we’ll explore the deeper awareness that our identities inherently play a role in the process of taking up space on the digital plane.

In this 3-Hour Workshop we will:

  • Discover how to show up on social media in equitable and accessible ways
  • Learn to root ourselves in social justice praxis while building community
  • Learn to use social media to engage meaningfully with your students
  • See a breakdown of websites for yoga teachers
  • Cover what to consider if you’re DIYing a website
  • Discuss ways to emphasize connection and community-building in your marketing

The root of a successful marketing strategy is actually based on one thing: connection. And we can’t achieve connection if we’re being disingenuous.

If you’ve ever felt like marketing is hard – if you’ve ever felt like you don’t have the capacity for it or like you’re not sure how to create strategies that align with your values, considering joining for this rich exploration of how to move beyond those creative and energetic blocks and truly connect with yourself, your students and clients, and lean into authentically growing your work while staying aligned with the practices of yoga and social justice.

About Tristan Katz

Tristan Katz (they/them) is a writer, educator, and digital strategist based on the ancestral land of the Cowlitz and Clackamas peoples, now known as Portland, OR.

Tristan offers business and marketing individual and group mentorship programs, web and graphic design services, and workshops and trainings centered around queer identity and transgender awareness with an intersectional lens and also hosts a podcast, ALL THE F*CK IN: Showing up for social justice in your work.


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