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The Connected Yoga Teacher offers a place where you, the yoga entrepreneur, can feel supported every week, between the classes, workshops and trainings that you are teaching or attending. 

On the podcast, we hear from yoga teachers and other professionals. Connecting you to knowledge, inspiration, stories and actionable steps.

Also, we have an online supportive yoga teacher community, open to yoga teachers from around the world.


“If you are like me, and you have more questions than answers on this yoga entrepreneurship journey, you are in the right place.” ~ Shannon Crow

Meet Our Team

Shannon Crow (she/her)

Shannon Crow (she/her)

Podcast Host & Pelvic Health Yoga Teacher

Shannon Crow (she/her) is a trainer and consultant working for yoga teachers who are ready to specialize, stand out and run a profitable yoga business. She hosts The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast and Facebook group; offering support to yoga teachers around the globe. She gets how isolating it can be to leave a yoga teacher training or to teach way too many group classes in a week with little income.

As a yoga teacher, Shannon specializes in teaching Yoga for Pelvic Health. She didn’t always have a niche though. Shannon tried many paths first; working as a yoga studio manager, YTT director, yoga school founder, Thai yoga massage therapist and all while raising three children.

She knows what it is like to just keep signing up for yoga teacher training, thinking this is the ticket to expertise, knowledge and confidence in running a successful yoga business. She understands yoga teacher burnout firsthand and how niche work, a supportive community and business education can make all the difference. 

Shannon is the founder of Pelvic Health Professionals, an online membership for anyone working with individuals who have a pelvis. She leads a 20-hour Yoga for Pelvic Health training both online and in person.

In her spare time Shannon can be found hiking, gardening, swimming and skiing on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada with her partner Shawn. Her three kids are growing into young adults now and have been her best teachers.

Sinead O'Connor (she/her)

Sinead O'Connor (she/her)

Yoga Teacher / Virtual Assistant

Sinead is a yoga teacher first and foremost and satisfies her need for admin structure and organization by supporting busy professionals to stay on top of their workload with marketing, admin, and business support.

Specializing in pre and postnatal yoga and pelvic health, Sinead has a passion for teaching yoga and mindfulness to clients in and around their transition to motherhood and beyond.

Originally from Manchester, UK, Sinead is a huge soccer fan, bookworm, and yogi. When not teaching or typing, Sinead is keeping track of three very busy kids and her husband (and Yorkshire Terrier), in Calgary, Alberta.

Sinead’s (married) name might sound familiar to some, but she is not the Sinead O’Connor that sings although she is, incomparably, real.

SuZen Marie (she/her)

SuZen Marie (she/her)

Podcast Producer & Editor

of the Martini Hill Media Group

SuZen is an Audio Engineer of many years. Besides editing podcasts for clients, SuZen is currently developing her Podcasting Course “Girls Gone Podcasting” where she will help entrepreneurs set-up and launch their podcasts into the world as part of their business strategy.

SuZen is also a musician (Bass player) and Singer/song-writer. She and her husband, Jeff, live off-grid on 160 acres in the deep woods of Northern Michigan. They are deeply rooted in their efforts of sustainability, organic gardening, and foraging for mushrooms and other edibles on their land. They’ve rescued and cared for many animals in need including dogs and cats as well as raccoons, fawns, birds, and other wildlife.

Crunch Ranjani (she/her)

Crunch Ranjani (she/her)


Originally from Singapore, but now a self-described global citizen, Crunch Ranjani is a digital nomad who specializes in creating content for health and wellness professionals. She loves helping busy entrepreneurs turn their brilliant ideas into content to attract their ideal clients through long-form content like blog posts and web articles.

Crunch graduated from Singapore Management University with double degrees in Business Management (Marketing) and Social Sciences (Political Science), and has lived in a variety of places such as Thailand, Portugal, Panama and Mexico. In her free time, Crunch can be found traipsing the world in search of new people, cuisines and experiences.

Visit Crunch’s website.

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