Rosslyn Kermerer is a graphic designer turned yoga entrepreneur who founded Wholehearter Yoga. She lives just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she operates a home studio, serving her community through yoga teaching, coaching, energy healing, and graphic design consulting.

In this episode, Shannon talks to Rosslyn about what led her to focus her attention toward teaching online yoga classes via Skype and offers us the benefit of her experience as to how she’s made this format work for her.

“Private yoga instruction is truly a heart-to-heart teaching. It’s meant to be intimate. Technology might feel incongruous to something so soulful, but with a little practice and intention, we can retain that sense of intimacy online.”
~ Rosslyn Kemerer


[5:00] Introducing Rosslyn

[5:25] How Rosslyn’s path led her to yoga

[8:45] Rosslyn’s virtual classes marketing process

[9:45] Creating a waiver statement for online yoga classes

[10:40] Scheduling Skype classes

[12:30] How to prep a student for an online yoga class

[13:00] To demo or not? Rosslyn speaks of her decision to abstain from doing many demonstrations.

[14:00] Tips for setting up private virtual class

[15:45] Rosslyn discusses her choice to keep instructions to her students on setting up their Skype sessions to a minimum and let them know she won’t be demonstrating the moves so her clients know what to expect.

[17:00] How to cope with a student’s distracting spaces

[18:35] Rosslyn discusses how she balances her work schedule

[19:50] Props for online classes- are they necessary?

[21:30] How Rosslyn chose to package her online services

[23:00] How local students can benefit from Skype classes

[24:25] Rosslyn shares another aspect of her work life- consulting with yoga teachers

[27:25] How to price online versus in-person classes

[28:45] Local group classes Rosslyn teachers

[29:20] Rosslyn explains her inspiring Practice Project- a 30-day home practice kit to engage a small group of students to connect or re-connect with their yoga classes in a variety of ways.

[31:35] Summary

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