376: Collective Care Over Individualistic Self-Care with Muna Shakour376: Collective Care Over Individualistic Self-Care with Muna Shakour

The massacre and genocide of Palestinians in Gaza have been going on for months now, and other genocide emergencies are simultaneously taking place around the world. Yet, many (especially in the health and wellness industry), still refuse to speak up, choosing instead to prioritize their safety and comfort over the need for liberation and freedom for all oppressed people. Muna Shakour shares her perspective as a Palestinian with family in the West Bank about shifting from focusing on self-care to looking at collective care.

Muna Shakour is a personal development coach who accidentally became an activist after the events in Gaza started. Her coaching practice has evolved over the years, from a Parenting Coach for parents of children 8 years and younger to coaching small business owners and coaches on how to grow their businesses and personal brands online to attract their ideal clients. Muna also offers corporate training focused on self-reflection and developing soft skills for leadership. Since October 7, Muna has been actively speaking out against the atrocities happening in Gaza and Palestine, sharing information and drawing attention to the situation there.

Muna talks about her work before October 7, 2023 and how she gets nervous about talking about her “work” now. She highlights the relationship we have with all people, the earth, and all creatures, and why we need to focus on caring for the collective “we” instead of focusing solely on self-care for “me”. Muna shares very honestly about the emotions she is experiencing and how that influences her decisions in who to connect with, hire, and support. She also offers some suggestions about how to navigate working for a company that won’t allow you to speak up and how to continue running your online business alongside speaking up for peace and justice.

Key Takeaways:

[3:29] Shannon gives a shout-out of thanks to sponsors OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[6:02] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Muna Shakour.

[10:35] What does Muna do and who does she do it for? She shares more about her professional journey and how she “accidentally” became an activist.

[21:04] Shannon and Muna discuss what it has been like for them to encounter people in the wellness world who say they don’t have the capacity to care about everything, especially when they have been increasingly involved in social justice movements in the past few years.

“Because the focus was so much on the self, we lost that feeling of community and the good of the collective versus the individual.” ~ Muna Shakour

[28:35] A lot of us have been feeling a lot of anger and grief. We need to find productive ways to channel that energy.

[31:23] How can we be more careful with who we choose to work with and where we give our money to ensure that our values are aligned?

“This is the future. The future is you’re not following just for the advice. You’re following the person, their personal brand, of course, with all of the marketing, but the values of this person and it needs to shine through.” ~ Muna Shakour

[37:48] Shannon pops in to share a little bit about OfferingTree.

[40:06] What are Muna’s thoughts on when someone says something online that is harmful or hurtful, but it’s because they still have some learning to do?

“I imagine if I’m a mom there, how would I want people on the outside to be?” ~ Muna Shakour

[44:39] Muna shares a little about what it’s like being a Palestinian and having to avoid mentioning her identity for various reasons.

[47:09] We can use our privilege to start speaking up about Palestine and exercise our empathy to imagine what must be like for Palestinians.

“My personal opinion is you can still do work and talk about Palestine and they can even both be done at the same time.” ~ Muna Shakour

[53:19] In the health and wellness space, a lot of people try hard not to post political things. Shannon and Muna discuss how they’re changing people’s minds about this stance.

[58:11] Muna shares her dream of people mobilizing en masse to demand change.

“What will you stand for and what will you not allow?” ~ Muna Shakour

[63:33] Palestine has become a measure of what we will stand for and what we will not allow.

[66:44] What would Muna say to a yoga teacher who has not spoken up till now and is wondering how to do so now?

“This whole idea of the separateness is what’s hurting us all. We have to remember that we are connected and relationships are the most important thing.” ~ Muna Shakour

[73:33] We have to speak out even louder because we have privilege and clout that others don’t.

[80:40] Shannon shares some of her reflections from this conversation with Muna.

[81:59] Shannon talks about some of the upcoming events in Pelvic Health Professionals and upcoming episodes of the podcast.


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