375: Why Marketing is Different Now with Tristan Katz & Brooke Monaghan

How do we market our work in times of collective distress and unrest? How can we show up for our business, our audience, and ourselves in a way that is aligned with our values? Two incredible entrepreneurs in the online space share more about how to navigate being a business owner in our current context – Brooke Monaghan and Tristan Katz.

Brooke Monaghan is the founder of Fruition Growth Network, a collaborative platform providing accessible, quality support to self-employed folks and bringing people together to find power in community. Brooke acts as a trusted advisor to founders and leaders who value impact, integrity, and relationships and are on a mission to set things straight in their industry. Her work focuses on the intersection of wellbeing and bottom line, guiding do-gooder lifestyle business owners to intentionally design profitable businesses around their values and their desired lifestyle.

Tristan Katz is a writer, educator, digital strategist, and equity-inclusion facilitator. They specialize in content marketing strategies for justice-focused leaders and queer-trans Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) training and consulting. Tristan’s intention is to share this work with an anti-oppression and intersectional lens. Tristan was named one of Yoga Journal’s 2021 Game Changers and he is proud to have spent several years serving on the Board of Directors at Accessible Yoga before the non-profit dissolved in early 2024.

Brooke and Tristan explain how marketing has changed since the early days of online business and why values matter so much to customers now. They also address using AI in marketing, how to change our strategies when it comes to marketing, and why following a cookie-cutter marketing plan probably isn’t going to work for your yoga business – as well as what you can do instead.

Key Takeaways:

[3:04] Shannon gives a shout-out of thanks to sponsors OfferingTree, Summer Biz Camp, and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[7:05] Shannon introduces her guests for this episode – Tristan Katz and Brooke Monaghan.

[10:54] What do Tristan and Brooke do and who do they do it for?

[14:44] Tristan and Brooke have a podcast together – be sure to check out Reimagining Online Business.

[15:58] A lot of yoga teachers are feeling like they don’t know how to market to students in the current environment. Brooke shares some of the trends in marketing in 2024.

“Consumers right now are looking to see companies’ values to make their buying decisions.” ~ Brooke Monaghan

[20:44] Tristan reflects on how new the internet is in the human experience and how that influences and impacts us as business owners and humans.

“We have to overcome the fear of speaking because we have to show up as humans in our work to reach humans who are tired of the internet.” ~ Tristan Katz

[28:06] Brooke explains that many of us in the online business space have lost sight of doing business with people. Strategies that work for more established business owners may not work for us.

[31:50] Tristan contextualizes Brooke’s perspective for how it could apply to yoga teachers.

[36:00] Shannon pops in with a message about OfferingTree.

[37:46] What are some ways to really connect with people in our audience? Brooke suggests experimenting with being real with your audience and tuning into your intuition.

[42:02] Tristan brings up the fact that all businesses are struggling right now, and marketing to people is simply not as easy as it used to be.

[45:51] It’s a lot easier to be consistent when you’re not trying to force yourself to do it the right way and you’re allowing yourself to show up and be real.

[46:47] We can pay attention to trends, but in a loose, non-attached way, and instead try to make them our own or put our own spin on them.

[48:31] Shannon and Brooke reflect on how they feel being marketed to, as consumers.

[49:49] Tristan highlights how important it is now for yoga teachers to find their niche – find what really sets them apart from others

[52:47] Shannon talks about how she is showing up in her business, talking both about topics related to running a yoga business but also what is currently going on in the world.

[54:09] Marketing assets can be useful, but we also need content that has a finger on the pulse on how your audience is feeling or what they are experiencing..

[56:01] What advice do Brooke and Tristan have for yoga teachers when it feels like they just can’t show up?

“If I’m grieving and angry or whatever it is, I’m sure other people are probably too. How can we bring that approach into our businesses and our marketing?” ~ Tristan Katz

[62:00] Don’t gaslight yourself into thinking you should figure out a way to do something when you don’t have the capacity to do it or have the money to invest.

“It’s a lot easier to be consistent when you’re not trying to force yourself to do it the right way and you’re allowing yourself to show up and be real.” ~ Brooke Monaghan

[64:46] Learn more about how to repurpose content and get access to other trainings and workshops on the Fruition Growth Network.

[65:57] When people are trying to sell you strategies or pathways to success, we have to be discerning.

[70:14] Brooke and Tristan share some final closing thoughts.

“What I’m saying is we do need marketing assets. We also need so much more than marketing assets.” ~ Tristan Katz

[72:12] Shannon shares her reflections from this conversation with Brooke and Tristan.

[80:13] Shannon talks about the latest call in the Pelvic Health Professionals membership site that you can listen to and some upcoming calls.


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