Claire Holloway373: Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood with Claire Holloway

How can yoga philosophy support people in their parenthood or caregiving journey? Are the ancient yogic teachings still applicable to modern life? Claire Holloway shares insights about how we can tap into the wisdom of yoga philosophy to guide our actions as we navigate this phase of life.

Claire is the founder of The Centre of Bright Beginnings. She offers yoga, corrective exercise, and educational support for those embarking upon or moving through the journey of matresence – conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. Her work supports not only those identifying as mothers but also parents, caregivers, and parents-to-be. She studies and shares yoga through the lens of her personal experiences of becoming and being a mother.

In this episode, Claire reflects on her own postpartum journey and the challenges she faced that led her to do the work she does now. She breaks down how we can apply the teachings of ancient yoga philosophy to life today as parents, and shares practical tips on integrating yoga philosophy into our day-to-day activities. Claire also shares how we can moderate our energy as parents when so much of it goes to our children, how to avoid comparing ourselves with the “perfect parents” on social media, the many decisions that are connected to parenting and birthing, and more.

This is such a rich discussion for anyone who is a parent, future parent, caregiver, or if you support or know parents in your life.

Key Takeaways:

[0:06] This episode is about how yoga philosophy can support you as a parent or in some other capacity as a caregiver.

[3:41] This episode is sponsored by OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals – and Shannon has some big news about Pelvic Health Professionals.

[9:11] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Claire Holloway.

[13:25] What is the work that Claire does and who does she do it for?

[17:02] What was Claire’s postpartum journey like and what inspired her to focus on this time with parents?

[21:44] Things have changed a lot since yoga philosophy was written. How does it still apply to parenting today?

[25:44] How does Claire start to bring in yoga philosophy when talking to brand new parents?

“It’s just highlighting that there never is pro-balance and that we can stop beating ourselves up for not actually achieving much… Even that simple awareness can bring more compassion to ourselves. ” ~ Claire Holloway

[30:57] With social media, it is easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like we’re not living a perfect life or being perfect parents. Shannon and Claire discuss how yoga philosophy can support us in those times.

“The more out of control things feel, the more we cling to whatever we feel that we can control.” ~ Claire Holloway

[37:22] What other parts of yoga philosophy have supported Claire in her own parenting journey?

[41:09] What are some of the challenges new parents are facing now?

[48:15] Shannon and Claire discuss tapas and how that can show up in parenting.

[50:52] Birth trauma can be a big part of the parenting experience. How does Claire help people navigate that?

[55:46] Many new parents deal with a sense of isolation, even more so when they feel they are not living up to societal ideals. Claire speaks a little to this point.

“One of the really underlying themes is about um taking the right action as opposed to stopping and not acting because of the fear.” ~ Claire Holloway

[57:27] Learn more about Claire and her work via her website.

[61:03] Shannon reflects on her biggest takeaways from this conversation with Claire.

[62:47] Shannon shares some of the upcoming calls inside Pelvic Health Professionals, as well as how things are changing with the membership.

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