371: Organizing a Yoga Retreat with Checka Antifonario

Have you thought about hosting a yoga retreat for a day, a week-end or longer? Retreats are a great way for yoga teachers to provide a new, more immersive experience to their students but planning and executing a yoga retreat can be challenging. Checka Antifonario shares her thoughts as an experienced retreat planner and host. 

Checka Antifonario is the founder of Yogaway, and she has been guiding yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and retreats since 2008. She is deeply committed to maintaining a welcoming, inclusive, and grounded space for practice and community. When Checka is not teaching near home or online through her digital platform Anyday Yogaway, she journeys throughout the United States and abroad, leading weekend and week-long retreats. Checka also supports yoga teachers through her mentorship program for new or evolving Yoga teachers, as well as an in-depth retreat planner training. Off of the mat, she is passionate about being in nature and spending time with her dogs, goats and family!

Checka shares insights about the fundamentals of planning and organizing a yoga retreat. She gives tips on how to choose a venue for the retreat, the ideal group size, and things to consider when pricing the retreat. Checka also offers an insider view of how to organize a retreat schedule as well as how to build community among the participants of the retreat. If you have been contemplating hosting a retreat but aren’t sure how to get started, this episode is for you.

Key Takeaways:

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[5:25] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Checka Antifonario.

[9:54] What does Checka do and who does she do it for?

[12:06] What is step 1 when it comes to planning a retreat?

“Just finding your own most authentic way toward building community because that’s really the foundational piece that will make offering and running retreats so much less intimidating [and] a little smoother when you get to that process.” ~ Checka Antifonario

[16:19] What are some tips Checka would give to a yoga teacher who needs to clarify their driving force for hosting a retreat?

“What is your mission with the retreat?” ~ Checka Antifonario

[20:10] How long should a retreat be, especially for the first retreat that you host?

“What is your mission with the retreat?” ~ Checka Antifonario

[23:42] What are some elements we might consider when planning the retreat schedule?

[27:07] What kind of group size should we be aiming for? What should the ratio of leaders or teachers to people attending the retreat be like?

[30:09] Shannon pops in with a quick tip about how OfferingTree can support you in hosting retreats in your community or around the world!

[32:12] Checka and Shannon discuss pricing for retreats. There can be a big difference in costs between hosting your retreat at a retreat center vs self-hosting a retreat!

[38:07] Checka shares some of her experience in terms of managing logistics, coordinating with retreat centers, and handling insurance.

[40:41] What are some hiccups that we could run into while planning and hosting a retreat?

“Group size is very important because I do believe it affects the dynamic of things quite a bit.” ~ Checka Antifonario

[46:30] How can we form community and connections while we are on a retreat?

[52:14] Learn more about hosting yoga retreats from Checka by connecting with her via her website or on social media.

[53:04] Checka shares some final thoughts for yoga teachers who are feeling inspired to plan a retreat.

“Where I’m going to pour my passion and love and energy is where things are going to thrive, and with retreats, I think that’s really, really true.” ~ Checka Antifonario

[55:36] Shannon shares her biggest takeaways from this conversation with Checka about hosting retreats.

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[62:27] Shannon shares some final reflections about yoga and social justice.


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