370: Is Email Marketing Dead? with Meg Sangimino

Many of us are struggling with overflowing email inboxes and receive ever more emails daily. In this context, is email marketing still a relevant tool that can help your yoga business? How can yoga teachers use email marketing effectively? Meg Sangimino some insights.

Meg Sangimino is a yoga teacher and business expert. Her expertise is in helping wellness professionals implement sustainable business strategies. With a background in project engineering and a passion for wellness, Meg is your go-to for implementing essential (and efficient) systems that underlie a business that nourishes, supports, and fulfills the lifestyle that you want without spinning your wheels on social media or having constant technology headaches.

If you don’t already have an email list, you may be wondering where to start. Meg shares tips for effective lead magnets and freebies, and explains why email marketing doesn’t have to be cringe-inducing. She also gives some ideas about what to email your list, suggestions on how often to email them, and trends when it comes to effective email marketing for yoga teachers.

Key Takeaways:

[3:16] This episode is sponsored by OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[5:10] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Meg Sangimino.

[9:39] What does Meg do and who does she do it for?

[10:18] Why do people cringe when they think about email marketing?

“Those of us in the wellness industry tend to be very averse to marketing ourselves.” ~ Meg Sangimino

[11:20] There is a lot of value in the content yoga teachers create to market themselves, and sometimes they may not realize that.

[13:25] People go to social media for a different purpose than their email inboxes.

“The fact that people are picky with who they give their email to is why email marketing is so effective.” ~ Meg Sangimino

[15:55] How can yoga teachers get started with email marketing?

“We first have to be the consumer that we want to attract.” ~ Meg Sangimino

[19:23] If you have a freebie or lead magnet and nobody is signing up for your list, you could have two problems: 1) nobody is seeing it, 2) nobody wants it.

[23:11] Do not be discouraged if you put something out and it doesn’t get the response you hope for!

[24:47] Shannon reflects on the freebies she has in her own business.

[25:15] You may get people who unsubscribe from your list, and that’s okay! 

[26:25] What is Meg’s advice to yoga teachers who feel like they wouldn’t like to receive multiple emails about an offer, so feel uncomfortable sending emails to their list?

[28:11] What kinds of freebies are working in the yoga space and what are some trends that Meg has observed in email marketing?

[32:17] What should yoga teachers write in their emails?

“The trend that I’m seeing is shorter and simpler are getting more downloads or more subscribers.” ~ Meg Sangimino

[34:35] How often does Meg recommend including a call to action in you emails?

[35:42] How often should yoga teachers email their list?

[37:11] It’s important to continue supporting your list even when you are not selling anything!

“The more time we invest in growing that list, the more warm leads we have, the more we can promote when we actually have something to promote.” ~ Meg Sangimino

[38:08] What is something Meg wishes she would have known when starting email marketing?

[40:50] Shannon pops in to share about OfferingTree, a great all-in-one software option especially for email marketing!

[45:07] Shannon and Meg discuss the popular options for email marketing platforms.

[49:01] Shannon reflects on her biggest takeaways from this conversation with Meg.

[50:47] Shannon shares some of the upcoming guest calls inside Pelvic Health Professionals.

[53:32] Shannon gives a special shout out to yoga teachers who have been and continue to speak out for humanity and Palestine.


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