369: Struggling to Write Content is Normal with Billie Smith

If you have ever sat staring at your blinking cursor and wondered how to write an email, social media caption, or blog post for your yoga business when more important things are happening in your personal life or the world – you are not alone. Billie Smith recently faced this same struggle and decided to share their honest thoughts instead of their usual messaging.

Billie Smith is a queer advocate, trauma, abuse, and eating disorder survivor, who is shaking up the status quo and challenging conventional narratives in the wellness industry. They believe in discarding harmful ideologies like diet culture and spiritual bypassing, and are dedicated to creating spaces where individuals can authentically connect with themselves, free from judgment and expectation. Billie’s approach to movement is all about empowerment, helping students tune into how they feel rather than how they look. With over 600 hours of training and a commitment to inclusivity, Billie’s classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions provide a safe space for those seeking to reclaim their bodies and their narratives. 

In this episode, originally shared as an email to Billie’s subscribers and then as an audio on their podcast, the Rebel Movement Podcast, Billie shares openly about their experience struggling to write an email about topics related to their yoga business while also grappling with other challenges. They talk about how difficult it can feel to hold multiple truths, balance self care and social justice work, and reflect on showing up authentically. 

Writing content can be hard when we are faced with balancing work, personal life, and tragedies in the world – if you are struggling because of this, this episode is for you.

Key Takeaways:

[3:07] This episode is sponsored by Pelvic Health Professionals.

[4:14] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Billie Smith.

“Invalidating your own struggles is not gonna give you any more energy to help change the world.” ~ Billie Smith

[7:30] Billie shares a little about a newsletter that they sent out on 14 February and their process of writing it.

“There’s a struggle to find balance lately.” ~ Billie Smith

[14:40] Shannon pops in to talk about a recent call with Mary Reddinger inside Pelvic Health Professionals.

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[18:13] Billy highlights that it can feel difficult for us to hold all the things that are happening in the world and in our personal lives – what we are experiencing is not normal.

“It’s ok if you don’t feel rage every single second of the day because like how are you supposed to do all your stuff if you do?” ~ Billie Smith

[21:12] We are all struggling to find balance lately.

[24:47] If you are using your platform to talk about Gaza or Palestine, unfortunately, it is a risk.

“[If] you’ve been having that feeling of doubting yourself or doubting, what is even the point of doing this anymore? I would just encourage you to check in with it and not take it as a sign that you’re doing anything wrong in your life.” ~ Billie Smith

[27:53] Billie talks about the importance of standing up for your values and staying true to them even in difficult times.

[31:02] It is important to take care of yourself even as you do social justice work.

“Find the balance between taking care of yourself and then doing social justice work.” ~ Billie Smith

[32:28] Shannon reflects on her own personal experience of speaking up about the harm taking place in Gaza right now.

“I don’t want my business to negate its values to make money. I don’t want to sacrifice my values for profit.” ~ Billie Smith

[36:01] There are so many people who say they want peace and freedom for all people but are afraid to speak up. But we can make a huge difference if we all speak up.

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