364: 7 Years of Podcasting with Shannon Crow

It has been 7 years of podcasts on the Connected Yoga Teacher podcast with Shannon Crow. While it is a time of celebrating the consistency and the amazing connections that have come from the podcast, Shannon shares some of her reflections about her recent situation, both personal and on a broader scale.

Shannon has been dealing with emotional heaviness, sadness, and heartbreak, on top of a cold. She shares how current events like what’s happening in Gaza have been affecting her emotions, especially because of the silence of many people in the health and wellness world. She talks about some things that are helping her through this time and how she is working through the anger and emotions she is feeling. Shannon also invites us to explore how we can start seeing the connections between us and how we can support ourselves as we navigate these challenging times.

Key Takeaways:

[0:02] It’s the 7th year anniversary of the Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast!

“I am so grateful to those of you who listen to multiple episodes. It’s really a complete honor and the podcast exists because of you.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[4:23] This episode is supported by OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals, but you can chip in to keep the podcast going too!

[7:05] Kathleen Pratt shares a little about the upcoming Yoga Series she is hosting in Pelvic Health Professionals – Nourish Your Nervous System.

[9:26] Shannon guides a short breath exercise.

[10:22] Shannon checks in with herself. In addition to dealing with a cold she has been feeling some heaviness, sadness, and heartbreak.

[15:14] Shannon has also been feeling angry about the silence from many people in the health and wellness world.

“I want to be able to speak up against harm and oppression because I feel like that’s part of yoga.” ~ Shannon Crow

[18:13] One thing that has made a difference for Shannon is seeing the yoga teachers who are speaking up and supporting the Palestinian cause.

“We can speak up and make mistakes and be in community.” ~ Shannon Crow

[21:06] Shannon talks about some ways she is working on processing her anger.

“In society, we are not taught to get comfortable with anger.” ~ Shannon Crow

[25:10] Shannon shares two messages that have held her and kept her steady.

“I am just so grateful when I see a comment on a post that we’ve made or a podcast that we’ve done or a message in support of the work that we’re doing here on the podcast.” ~ Shannon Crow

[27:39] Shannon gives a shout out to Jivana Heyman’s upcoming collaboration with OfferingTree – Chair Yoga is Real Yoga.

[29:22] Shannon reads another message she received after sharing Rula’s episode.

[34:14] How can we start seeing the connections between us?

“In these connections, we realize how connected we really are.” ~ Shannon Crow

[37:08] The upcoming yoga series, Nourish Your Nervous System, is a great course for anyone who has been feeling stressed.

[38:33] Shannon shares some other upcoming events and offerings you can check out.


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