358: Community and Communication with Shannon Crow

Many yoga teachers are dealing with tiredness, overwhelm, sadness, and many other difficult emotions as we navigate living through the active genocide taking place in Palestine. Community and communication can be a good solution to dealing with these heavy emotions and the challenges of consistently showing up for causes we care about.

In this episode, Shannon reflects on what has been helping her as she faces some of these big emotions. She shares how being out in nature, doing yoga, and meditating has been helpful to get clarity and different perspectives. 

It is also easier to keep going when you have community to support you in doing the work. Shannon talks about the different places she has found community, including a Discord server called Yoga Teachers for Change. In times like these, community and communication are what we can lean on and draw strength from.

Key Takeaways:

[5:09] Shannon reflects on how community and communication have come up for her recently.

[8:07] Many yoga teachers that Shannon has spoken to have shared feeling many heavy and deep emotions. Shannon shares what helps her get through those tough days.

“What I know is that in my heart, I’m going to keep living in this world that I know is the world that I want to be a part of where we are all connected and we can make a difference.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[10:17] Shannon shares her experience of drawing inspiration from nature.

[12:34] Shannon pops in to share a complaint she has about WordPress, and why she prefers OfferingTree instead.

[15:31] Shannon reflects on the clarity and different perspectives that sometimes become available when you spend time in nature, do yoga, or meditate.

“I could feel in that moment that what I really needed to focus on was community and communication and the connections were really the answer.” ~ Shannon Crow

[17:36] Shannon shares more about the Discord server called Yoga Teachers for Change.

[19:11] With a collective community, you can lean on each other for support and take it in turns to keep the torch burning.

“How can you find and/or create community for yourself or for others in your community, a community that’s going to support you or maybe you are creating a community that’s going to support others?” ~ Shannon Crow

[23:15] Shannon has also talked about the importance of community in a previous episode with Linda Sparrowe.

“If you’ve been feeling isolated and alone, you’re not alone.” ~ Shannon Crow

[24:49] Shannon highlights some other community initiatives that you might be interested in.

[27:40] Keen to hang out with Shannon in real time? Check out the Yoga for Pelvic Cancer series with Tyla Arnason.


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