357: Pay-What-You-Can is Working with Shannon Crow

Have you tried using the pay-what-you-can model in your yoga business? Shannon recently implemented this model for an upcoming yoga series in Pelvic Health Professionals and was amazed that it has worked!

In this episode, Shannon shares more about why she decided to implement the pay-what-you-can model for the Yoga During a Pelvic Cancer Diagnosis: 6-Week Online Series with Tyla Arnason. She talks about how setting it up with OfferingTree was so easy and the best part – that they’ve already met the minimum required to pay the guest teacher and not lose money, even without extensive marketing!

Pay-what-you-can for yoga teachers can be an option. It is one way we can disrupt systems that are not serving us and our communities. Shannon invites you to consider how you could implement this in your yoga business or disrupt harmful systems in other ways.

Key Takeaways:

[4:14] One of the offers Shannon is sharing now is Tyla Arnason’s Yoga for Pelvic Cancer workshop. It operates on the pay-what-you-can model and it’s working!

“We decided to try something we’ve never done before with a full yoga series. We made it pay-what-you-can and I am so amazed with how it’s working.” ~ Shannon Crow

[7:32] Even with minimum marketing, Shannon has been able to get enough signups to meet the minimum required to pay the guest teacher!

“What can we do in our own business to really start to disrupt these systems that don’t feel great?” ~ Shannon Crow

[9:35] Shannon shares how easy it was to set up the pay-what-you-can model with OfferingTree.

[11:10] Shannon reflects on how she has approached pricing in her yoga business and the recommendations she has given yoga teachers in consultations too.

“What if we make our offerings more accessible while we still get paid so we can keep doing this work?” ~ Shannon Crow

[14:22] What questions do you have about the pay-what-you-can model?

[14:55] Shannon shares some ways you can hang out in real time.

[17:07] Crunch, who does the show notes for the podcast (hi!) is hosting some workshops around travel for inner work. Check them out!


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