353: Is Age a Yoga Niche? with Shannon Crow

Shannon Crow continues the theme of Niche November by answering a question that two people asked in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group – is age a yoga niche? Shout out to Barbara and Beatrix for posting their questions!

Shannon shares her insights about niching down. She invites you to consider if there is even a need for you to niche down at this time. She has a helpful PDF to guide your niching process too. Shannon also shares her thoughts about using age as a niche factor and how to showcase your niche on your website and social media. She also reiterates that you don’t need a website or a prominent social media presence to niche down!

If you have been wondering about niching down, specializing in yoga, or how to communicate that with your dream audience, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways:

[3:26] Shannon is responding to two comments in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group that really stood out to her. Both comments talk about age as a yoga niche.

[4:59] Shannon reviews Barbara’s website. Is her niche of teaching mostly students over 60 immediately apparent?

[6:39] Is age a small enough niche or should there be additional niching factors? Shannon has a helpful resource with questions to guide your niche work!

“What does the ideal yoga look like that you want to be teaching?” ~ Shannon Crow 

[9:45] Another comment was left by Beatrix who is interested in niching down to chair yoga. Shannon shares some of her thoughts around defining this niche.

[13:55] Shannon pops in to share a little about OfferingTree.

[15:25] It’s not necessary to have a website or social media to define your niche and grow your yoga business in that niche!

“Do you need to specialize or niche down right now?” ~ Shannon Crow 

[16:35] Shannon highlights a big reason to find a niche and specialize!

“One of the big reasons that we niche down and specialize is we want our marketing to be a little simpler and we also want to see an increase in yoga students or our income.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[19:03] Shannon wraps up with a straightforward answer to the question: Can age be a yoga niche?


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