351: Water Yoga with Christa Fairbrother

Water yoga (or aqua yoga) may not be widely known but it is a unique variation of yoga that has some amazing benefits. Christa Fairbrother shares her expertise on this uncommon variety of yoga.

Christa is an internationally recognized aqua yoga coach and trainer who makes yoga accessible through yoga in the water. She is passionate about helping people start an aqua yoga practice and she trains movement professionals to offer aqua yoga in their communities. Christa is also an internationally recognized expert in water yoga and published author of Water Yoga.

In this episode, Christa explains what exactly water yoga is and how it differs from traditional yoga that is done on land. She also talks about the science of immersion in water and the additional or different benefits that water yoga offers. Christa shares more about how water yoga can be a more accessible form of yoga for many people, especially those who deal with pain or are concerned about their strength.

Dive into this interesting conversation to learn more about water yoga and how we can support people through different mediums to get the benefits of yoga.

Key Takeaways:

[3:42] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Christa Fairbrother.

[6:56] What does Christa do and who does she do it for?

[9:16] What got Christa started in teaching water yoga?

[11:14] What are some common questions people have about water yoga?

[12:36] Was there ever a moment when Christa felt hesitant or unsure about her niche in water yoga?

[14:47] What are the benefits of doing yoga in the water?

“A lot of people who live with chronic pain or with arthritis, their joints are uncomfortable and the fact that you suddenly don’t weigh as much, literally takes a load off.” ~ Christa Fairbrother

[18:53] What are some things people can try if they don’t have an aqua yoga class in their community but they have access to a pool?

“Whatever poses you like, try those first.” ~ Christa Fairbrother

[21:06] Shannon pops in to share a conversation she had with Sara Villamil who uses OfferingTree in her yoga business.

[23:30] Where can yoga teachers learn more about teaching aqua yoga?

[25:41] What are some things that hold people back from attending water yoga classes?

“The barrier is fear of the water and it’s really important to acknowledge that because not a lot of people had swimming lessons, they might have had a traumatic experience even if they got swim lessons.” ~ Christa Fairbrother

[27:56] Christa highlights some of the benefits people find from doing yoga in the water.

[30:12] Christa shares a bit more about how she teaches and the tranings and courses she offers.

[31:40] Do you need to know how to swim to teach aqua yoga or be trained as a lifeguard?

[33:35] Christa often works with yoga teachers where there is nobody else doing aqua yoga in their communities. How has she tackled the challenge of marketing and growing her own classes in a community that doesn’t know about aqua yoga?

[35:18] Where can you get in touch with Christa and learn more about her work?

[38:06] Shannon shares her biggest takeaways from this interview with Christa.


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