349: Yoga Niche Success Story with Christine Jaureguiberry

Niching down is a tried-and-tested method to grow your yoga business while allowing you to focus only on the things you love sharing. A guest from almost 5 years ago is back on the podcast to share her success story with niching down.

Christine Jaureguiberry specializes in teaching Yoga for those who live with Scoliosis. She is the founder of Move with Scoliosis, born from her love of yoga and her own personal journey with living with scoliosis. Apart from her Shine membership, a support community with yoga and pilates practices for those living with scoliosis, Christine also offers workshops for yoga teachers who would like to support their students with scoliosis and/or spinal fusion. She also has a thriving YouTube following and is in the process of writing a book.

In this episode, Christine shares an update about her business since the previous episode. She explains where she is in her business now and how she has grown her yoga business by focusing on her niche. She talks about running a niche membership, how she grew her YouTube channel to over 30,000 subscribers, as well as the roadblocks and challenges she had to overcome in order to get there.

Key Takeaways:

[3:04] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Christine Jaureguiberry.

[6:49] What does Christine do and who does she do it for?

[7:55] Alongside her YouTube channel and a book she is writing, Christine also has a membership offering.

[9:47] What kind of struggle was Christine experiencing in 2017 that made her decide she needed to niche down?

“One of them was as a yoga teacher to let people down. I think that was kind of a big thing… they really need me, what’s going to happen if I don’t teach that class? And there was a huge resistance around this.” – Christine Jaureguiberry

[13:26] What were some of the challenges Christine had in niching down?

[16:10] Why is Christine still looking at ways to let more things go, even though she has picked her niche?

“Niche work doesn’t end.” – Shannon Crow

[20:33] It’s a common misconception that when you niche down, you have to immediately let go of everything that isn’t within that niche.

[20:59] Shannon pops in with a quick note about creating and hosting a membership site, which you can easily do on OfferingTree!

“Another one of my challenges was to fully commit to this work that I was doing because … I have got many interests and there’s lots of different projects that excite me.” – Christine Jaureguiberry

[22:40] Does Christine now feel like an expert in movement for scoliosis?

[26:29] We can’t predict how our interests and inclinations may change or what our niche may be in a few years from now!

“It’s just a process that you have to kind of go through over and over again and think of all the things that you do and what is it that you actually want to do?” – Christine Jaureguiberry

[27:52] Sometimes we need a little external help to get started on our niche journey, and sometimes we just need to do one small thing at a time.

[29:58] What are some roadblock that have come up for Christine as she navigates refining her niche?

[32:12] What does Christine do in those tough times?

[33:53] Christine has gotten help from her Virtual Assistant in her business.

[37:18] Christine recognizes that she has different interests and may get pulled in different directions along the way, but she has found a way to harness that energy in her niche.

[39:34] What advice would Christine offer a yoga teacher who is just starting out?

“Sometimes the things don’t happen obviously overnight and maybe not as quickly as we want them to happen. So we do have to stick with it, which I think is really hard, which is difficult at times.” – Christine Jaureguiberry

[44:06] What are the benefits Christine sees in her yoga business now that she has really established her niche well?

[46:34] How has Christine shifted her marketing efforts now that she has refined her niche?

“If you commit to that journey and stay consistent with it, you will get there, you will get somewhere.” – Christine Jaureguiberry

[48:54] Christine has also added Pilates to her offerings, even as she niched down in who she wants to serve.

[52:30] Christine shares some of the ways you can connect with her.

[53:48] Shannon shares her biggest takeaways from this conversation with Christine.


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