345: Try a Month of This Niche with Shannon Crow

Niching down and picking a niche to focus on as a yoga teacher is one of Shannon’s favorite things to talk about. However, it can feel overwhelming and seem like there is a lot of planning and work to do before niching down. In this episode, Shannon Crow shares her tips for you to pick a niche and niche down.

Shannon shares a few anecdotes around niching down that can help you see that it really doesn’t have to be a big deal or a complicated process. Many yoga teachers are often hesitant or feel nervous about picking a niche because they feel like they have to do it forever or they have to be an expert in that area – but this is not true!

Shannon also gives some ideas about what might be a niche you could pick and clear steps you can take today to start sharing that niche with your audience.This episode is perfect if you’ve been wanting to niche down but don’t know where to start.

Key Takeaways:

[2:56] Shannon loves to talk about niching down but it can feel like an overwhelming amount of planning and work goes into it.

[3:30] Shannon shares an anecdote about how a couple of people have reached out to her about gardening.

“People get to know you for whatever you’re talking about, and then at some point, they often will ask questions.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[5:35] It can make you nervous to pick a niche or specialty!

[6:32] Shannon shares a first baby step you can take to niche down – choose a niche for a month.

 “If you do want to stand out, you work on your niche or your specialty.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[11:34] Shannon pops in with a quick message about an upcoming live call with OfferingTree.

[13:24] You can do a lot of niche work, and you can do more! Shannon shares a personal reflection about how niche work is showing up for her now.

[16:10] What niche will you take on for a month?

“You do not have to choose something that you are the expert in and this isn’t something that’s going to be forever.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[17:34] Shannon shares some ways for you to connect with her in real time.


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