344: Grief, Breaks and a Birthday with Shannon Crow

Shannon has been navigating grief and some heavy personal issues recently. She has received a lot of support, kind words, and messages from listeners. In this episode, she reads an email she received from a listener.

“I like them to see how it’s not that hard to take a piece of lawn and turn it into a place where you can grow food.” ~ Shannon Crow 

Shannon first talks about the grief she has been experiencing and the things that are helping and holding her through this time. She shares the email from a podcast listener and how it made her feel.

“I really think that when more and more people have time outside. It can impact us emotionally, physically in a good way and also it can impact the earth we’re standing on in a really positive way, the more that people are outside.” ~ Shannon Crow 

Shannon reveals that she thought about quitting and even considered selling the podcast and Pelvic Health Professionals recently and the decision she made in the end.

“What is the minimum that I need to do today to kind of keep things going and how can I ask for help with the rest that still is on my list?” ~ Shannon Crow 

P.S. It is Shannon’s birthday and the best virtual gift you could give her is a podcast review!

Key Takeaways:

[3:34] Shannon is sharing an email from a listener on this episode.

[4:11] Shannon shares a little about the grief she is experiencing and how she is finding comfort at this time.

[8:53] Shannon gives an update about OfferingTree.

[10:49] Shannon reads an email she received from a listener about the thing she shared in Episodes 339 and 340.

[13:38] Shannon reflects on how reading this email made her feel.

[15:42] It’s Shannon’s 47th birthday today!

[17:20] Shannon shares a big update about how she was considering quitting and even thought about selling the podcast or Pelvic Health Professionals.

[19:42] There are some ways you can hang out with Shannon in real time!


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