343: Niche Yoga Marketing with Sarah Karsten [Consultation Call]

Marketing your yoga can be easier when you find your niche. How do you discover what you want to specialize in, and once you do, how do you market it effectively? In this live consultation call with Sarah Karsten, Shannon Crow guides her through niche yoga marketing.

Sarah Karsten is a yoga teacher based out of Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. She discovered the transformative power of yoga about a decade ago when seeking a change in the world of fitness. Sarah is passionate about creating a supportive community for individuals who are seeking pain relief, stress management, and overall well-being. 

In this consultation call, Shannon asks questions to help uncover the niche Sarah wants to explore and her ideal working schedule. Together, they craft a marketing outline to let students know about her offerings and to expand her reach to new audiences. Shannon also shares helpful tips on where to get content ideas for marketing Sarah’s new niche and how to deal with imposter syndrome and overwhelm.

If you are wanting to niche down and market your yoga to get more right-fit students and fill your classes, this is the episode for you.

Key Takeaways:

[2:51] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode which is a live consultation call – Sarah Karsten.

[6:30] What does Sarah do and who does she do it for?

[7:17] What would Sarah’s ideal teaching schedule look like?

[8:44] Shannon and Sarah dig into her specific niche as a yoga teacher.

[11:53] Sarah explores why she feels hesitant and awkward about saying she’s a yoga teacher.

“Even when I first started teaching, I felt awkward to say I was a yoga teacher… And so that’s already come easier. So I think it will get easier the more I talk about it.” ~ Sarah Karsten

[14:43] There may be feelings of imposter syndrome to deal with when niching down.

“You’re the best person if you’re passionate about it.” ~ Shannon Crow

[19:27] Shannon and Sarah discuss her marketing efforts and how she can reach more people.

[26:53] Shannon shares a little about OfferingTree.

[28:37] Shannon and Sarah talk about how to market her online offerings.

[30:41] Shannon offers some tips about how to speak to Sarah’s niche audience.

“Remember why you’re doing it. Also, remember that you’re doing it to help people.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[33:08] What kind of content is Sarah usually sharing with her audience in terms of email marketing?

[40:35] Shannon guide Sarah to find a rhythm that feels doable and sustainable for her in terms of sending out content to her audience.

[46:49] It can be helpful to set aside time in your calendar to create content if you are struggling to find the time to do it.

[48:43] What hesitations does Sarah have about implementing some of these suggestions?

[52:17] Shannon shares some places Sarah can get content ideas.

[55:49]  Overwhelm is a very real part of being a yoga entrepreneur. Shannon shares some advice on tackling that.

[64:39] Shannon reflects on this consultation call with Sarah.


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