341: Online Learning Pro Tips with Emily Light


Online courses, trainings, and memberships are wonderful to improve people’s access to educational materials regardless of where they are physically, but becomes up to each individual to complete them on their own. How can we make the most of online learning without becoming overwhelmed? Emily Light shares her tips.

Emily is a yoga therapist who specializes in the nervous system and pelvic health. She runs her own private practice where she see clients 1:1 and also offers live stream online classes. Emily has her own membership site with an on-demand library of yoga classes. She is also an active member of Pelvic Health Professionals and has created a schedule to stay on top of the online learning here.

Emily shares how she set a learning schedule so that she could actually use the membership full of content that she signed up for. She talks about how she finds time to do her online learning, how she takes notes, and what else makes it easier for her to commit and complete her online learning activities. Emily has some great tips about managing online learning effectively, so if you’ve ever bought a course or paid for a membership and struggled with finishing it or getting the most out of it, this interview is going to be so useful.

Key Takeaways:

[1:26] Shannon shares a discount code for an upcoming event by Pelvic Health Professionals and gives a shout out to OfferingTree.

[5:01] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Emily Light.

[6:50] What does Emily do and who does she do it for?

[8:38] How does Emily tackle all the material available in Pelvic Health Professionals?

“I am a big fan of scheduling. I have got to get that on my calendar or it is not gonna happen.” ~ Emily Light 

[10:49] Emily also references the notes provided in Pelvic Health Professionals to create her own notes.

“Writing helps me organize new concepts in my mind.” ~ Emily Light 

[13:33] Especially with online memberships, the amount of content available to members can feel overwhelming. How does Emily deal with that?

“I’m skillful at transforming overwhelm into excitement with just a little bit of structure.” ~ Emily Light 

[15:26] What are some baby steps yoga teachers can take if they are feeling like there is a lot of information and they don’t have much time to consume it?

[18:52] What are some of Emily’s tips for using her notes about what she’s learned in Pelvic Health Professionals to create her own content?

“I definitely saw [the amount of content available] as something I needed to personally create some structure around because otherwise it was going to be untouched.” ~ Emily Light 

[21:45] Shannon and Emily exchange tips on how they manage their online courses and learning platforms.

[23:56] Another big aspect of online courses and memberships is the time investment required. How does Emily help her members with time management?

[26:57] Shannon and Emily discuss their thoughts about the cadence of emails to members and how often they send emails.

“It feels really nice to have that personal relationship in an online environment.” ~ Emily Light 

[31:04] As a business owner, it is often helpful to have feedback from someone outside the business about what could be improved or changed.

[32:10] Shannon pops in to share a special podcast listener coupon code for OfferingTree.

[33:58] What has Emily’s experience of Pelvic Health Professionals been?

“I’m learning stuff for clients that aren’t pelvic health clients in the Pelvic health professionals.” ~ Emily Light 

[37:34] If you are keen to learn more from Emily, check out her website.

[38:47] Emily shares a little about her donation model live stream classes.

[42:31] Shannon shares her biggest takeaways from this conversation with Emily.


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