340: Personal and Business Check-In [Part 2] with Shannon Crow

Shannon Crow shares more personal and business updates on this episode. She reflects that the grief she has been dealing with has been impacting her and some of the things that have been helping her through it, including messages from listeners.She also talks about the exchange student she will be hosting in her home soon and some of the activities she has been engaging in to be more “in-person”.

On the professional front, Shannon reveals that she was recently thinking about quitting her business and the podcast. She notes that she needs to take some of her own advice and lean on her team more while cutting back on things that are not essential to the business. Do share your recommendations for Shannon as she navigates this challenging season of life.

Key Takeaways:

[2:46] In this episode, Shannon is sharing more personal and business updates. First, she invites you to take a moment to check in with yourself.

“Even though I logically know these things [that I need to take a break and lean on my team more], it feels like sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[4:45] Shannon is in a season of grief now. She shares some things that are keeping her going, including messages from listeners. She shares a couple of messages listeners have left.

“[I need to] listen to my gut on this and in this season that I’m in and to really notice and this is where I think that yoga really serves me.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[12:44] “Meet up” with Shannon online at the yoga series by Sarah Garden.

[16:28] Shannon talks about why she loves using OfferingTree in her business.

[17:38] Shannon shares a personal update about the exchange student she will be hosting in her home!

[18:47] Shannon and her partner Sean have taken on a hiking challenge this year.

[20:34] Shannon has been missing doing in-person activities. She talks about how she is trying to incorporate more of that in her life.

[22:19] Recently, Shannon got very close to quitting her job and the podcast. She shares how she is going to address this feeling.

“On my list of things I need to do right now is ask for support and help.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[28:48] What recommendations do you have for Shannon as she navigates this season of life and business?


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