335: Black Lives Matter is Yoga with Danielle Tridenti335: Black Lives Matter is Yoga with Danielle Tridenti

Black Lives Matter (BLM) was formed ten years ago, and while many people jumped on the bandwagon and pledged their support for the cause a few years ago in light of the murder of George Floyd, it seems like BLM is getting “less popular”. It is important to continue this conversation about BLM and explore how it relates to yoga. Danielle Tridenti shares their experience in showing up as an ally for the cause.

Danielle is a facilitator of yoga, an embodiment coach, and an equity + inclusion group facilitator/consultant, who believes that cellular and personal change informs and affects institutional, collective, and cultural change. They have over 5000 hours of training in yoga, somatics, trauma-informed care, anti-racism, and equity + inclusion, as well as 20 years of experience in teaching and group facilitation, and 10 years as a mental health clinician and social worker. Currently, Danielle offers individual and group experiences, education/training, coaching, and consulting centred around embodying equity, LGTBQIA2S+ affirmation and inclusion, and solidarity with a trauma-informed, intersectional, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, and anti-oppression framework to individuals and organizations.

Recently, a student in Danielle’s class asked Danielle to remove their BLM shirt. Danielle shares more about how they handled that situation with the student and the studio they were teaching at, as well as their thoughts on why yoga is political. Danielle also explains why BLM and showing up as an ally is part of yoga. And discusses privilege, creating “safe spaces” in yoga, and how ahimsa (non-violence) ties into all of this.

Key Takeaways:

[2:39] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Danielle Tridenti.

[8:12] What does Danielle do and who do they do it for?

[11:17] Recently, a yoga student attending Danielle’s class asked them to remove their Black Lives Matter t-shirt. Danielle recounts the experience.

“It’s not my [Black Lives Matter] shirt that was making her uncomfortable, right? It was her beliefs that were causing this discomfort.” ~ Danielle Tridenti

[16:21] How did Danielle follow up after the incident? What kind of reaction did the studio she was teaching at have after this incident?

“I believe that in teaching, I can leverage my privilege and practice co-conspiratorship and take a stand and take risks for folks who are historically erased and marginalized and oppressed and invisible and killed.” ~ Danielle Tridenti

[19:57] Why is Black Lives Matter yoga?

“The bottom line is, if any of us are harmed, we’re all harmed. We’re all impacted. This is not a passive practice. It’s an active practice.” ~ Danielle Tridenti

[26:47] What is Danielle’s reaction to people who complain about how these discussions always feel “in your face” or that we are still having these conversations.

“Picking what you want and leaving what you don’t – that’s very privileged too.” ~ Danielle Tridenti

[34:34] Shannon pops in with a shout out of thanks to sponsor, OfferingTree

[37:01] What are some of the actions that people can take to support Black Lives Matter and create a world that is equal and just?

“People who have marginalized identities can’t just leave the oppression behind. It’s just not possible.” ~ Danielle Tridenti

[43:01] What are some other resources yoga teachers can use to get educated and learn more about this topic?

[48:39] Learn more from Danielle by connecting with them on Instagram.

[49:28] Shannon shares some of her key takeaways from this conversation with Danielle.


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