330: Connect with Your Money with Shannon Crow

Many yoga entrepreneurs are uncomfortable with their money, but connecting with your money is one of the keys to running a successful business. In this episode, Shannon Crow talks about why connecting with your money is so important and how to do it.

Shannon shares some of the activities she does to connect with her money including Finance Fridays check-in with her income and expenses, daily money check-ins and tracking her revenue and expenses. She also has some suggestions on how you can start connecting with your money too. 

If you’re a yoga teacher who wants to make more income and profit, or if you’re feeling like you’re spending too much or not getting ahead, this episode is specifically for you. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:54] This episode is powered by OfferingTree.

[2:23] Shannon introduces her topic for this episode – connecting with your money.

[4:11] Part of connecting with your money is knowing where your money is going and how it is being spent.

“You need to know how that hard-earned cash is being spent.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[5:02] Shannon shares how OfferingTree allows her to keep track of her income.

[6:16] Shannon shares her strategy for looking at her business finances.

“The two main things that I do on [Finance Fridays] are paying all my bills and looking at all the transactions that happened over that week.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[7:44] Two things Shannon does on Finance Fridays are paying her bills and looking over the transactions that happened that week.

[8:50] Shannon’s plan going forward is to add in a daily money check-in.

“Wherever you’re landing today, know that we are on this journey together, tackling our money mindset as yoga teachers and entrepreneurs and taking more of a look at the numbers.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[10:27] Shannon also suggests starting to track your income and expenses if you don’t already do that.

[14:03] Start by looking at your money and finances at least once a week, if you rarely do!

[14:35] Shannon invites you to consider some steps you can take to connect with your money.

“Make sure you’re tracking your business expenses.” ~ Shannon Crow 


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