327: Working with Teaching Anxiety [Consultation Call] with Lindsay McMurray

Anxiety about teaching yoga and not feeling confident about getting up in front of a class of students is normal. Lindsay McMurray was struggling with teaching anxiety and posted in the Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group asking for advice. This consultation call with Shannon Crow is a result of that.

Lindsay McMurray is a certified yoga teacher who is also trained in the Yoga for 12 Step Recovery program. She is currently gooing through her 300-hr YTT with plans to become a yoga therapist. Lindsay has been practicing yoga since she was 12 years old and has supported her through many personal challenges, including eating disorders, and drug and alcohol addictions.

In this consultation call, Shannon and Lindsay discuss her fear and anxiety about teaching yoga. Shannon shares from her own personal experience and offers suggestions about strategies Lindsay could try out to address those feelings. If you have ever felt nervous to teach or if you are feeling scared to put something new out into the world, this episode is for you! 


Key Takeaways:

[4:08] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode, Lindsay McMurray, who joins her for a consultation call.

[9:29] Lindsay posted a question in the Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group about getting confident in teaching yoga which prompted this call.

[11:54] How have things changed for Lindsay based on the comments on her post? What has she found useful?

[13:33] Shannon and Lindsay discuss her training programs and her experience in teaching during these programs.

“It sounds like you’re putting a ton of pressure on yourself to deliver this perfect class.” ~ Shannon Crow

[15:48] Lindsay shares how her past experiences, anxiety, and feelings of self-worth are tied into her ability to teach yoga.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of with regards to feeling that anxiety or feeling nervous to teach.” ~ Shannon Crow

[16:44] Shannon talks about the importance of how we support people with their mental health.

[18:25] Has there been a moment for Lindsay in her teaching career that she felt everything was working?

[20:26] Shannon invites Lindsay to reflect on what the benefits are for students walking out of her classes.

“My best yoga class experiences are when I don’t even notice the teacher, like I forget the teachers there.” ~ Lindsay McMurray

[25:03] Shannon asks Lindsay if it’s possible for her to teach now and together they explore the options of what that could look like.

[28:01] There’s nothing to be ashamed of with regards to feeling anxiety or feeling nervous to teach.

[28:54] Lindsay shares some insights about her anxiety around teaching yoga.

[31:19] Shannon pops in to share about an exciting free webinar by OfferingTree.

[34:11] Shannon shares something that has helped her with her teaching anxiety.

[34:46] Shannon shares about the anxiety she felt before starting the podcast and Lindsay talks about her fears about teaching at the treatment center.

“Keep doing just one tiny thing when things feel scary or things feel overwhelming.” ~ Shannon Crow

[39:07] Lindsay shares her “big why” for doing this work.

[42:08] Shannon helps Lindsay put into action her plan to teach at a recovery center and reduce the amount of time she spends planning her classes.

“It’s a huge myth that you have to reinvent the wheel every time you teach a yoga class.” ~ Shannon Crow

[47:56] The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group community has been an amazing resource for Lindsay.

[53:07] Shannon shares some of her takeaways from this conversation with Lindsay.


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