326: Teach Yoga with Confidence with Shannon Crow

If you are a new (or not-so-new) yoga teacher who is feeling nervous or anxious about teaching yoga to a class full of students, you are not alone! This is a feeling many yoga teachers face and is one of the biggest challenges you have to overcome to teach yoga.

In this episode, Shannon Crow reflects on her experience with fear and self-doubt as a new yoga teacher and the steps she took to overcome her anxiety and build up her confidence around teaching yoga. She shares her list of 15 things that have helped her through moments of self-doubt.

Tune in to learn more about how you too can start teaching yoga confidently.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Shannon introduces the topic for this episode – teaching yoga with confidence.

[4:54] Shannon shares her own experience with fear and self doubt on her journey as a yoga teacher.

[8:39] Shannon shares a lesser-known feature of OfferingTree.

[12:02] Do not feel like you need another yoga teacher training before you can start teaching.

[13:09] Your own experience with yoga is a tremendous source of information and ideas!

“It’s by being a student that we deepen our teaching. A student of our craft, of course, but perhaps more importantly, a student of ourselves.” – Shannon quoting Barrie Riseman

[15:24] Teach more. You build confidence by doing. Shannon shares some tips to make this process easier.

[17:31] Remind yourself of why you are teaching yoga.

[19:08] Be on time and be prepared.

[20:56] Consider how you use demos in your class.

[22:19] Start your students from a place where you can find a moment to breathe and center yourself.

[23:18] Do not be afraid of repeating a class over and over again!

“Please do not feel like you have to plan an entire new class each time you teach.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[24:44] Making mistakes is a part of the process. Learn to embrace them.

“We all make mistakes as humans and then they can learn from us and see how we deal with that.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[25:29] Be okay with silence and don’t be a cookie-cutter teacher!

[26:40] Remember that your students want to be there with you.

“You can really show up with confidence when it’s you.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[27:01] Ask for and be open to receiving feedback.

[29:47] See the value in the questions your students are asking – don’t make yourself feel like a failure because of it.

“Share the yoga that you feel connected to.” ~ Shannon Crow 

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