324: Niches & Yoga Business Chat with Sunita Patil & Shannon Crow

It can feel challenging to find your place as a yoga teacher in the yoga industry. That’s where finding your niche can be helpful in standing out and serving your dream students. In this episode, Shannon Crow and Sunita Patil discuss niching down in your yoga business. This episode was recorded for the Meditation, Yoga & Stuff with Sunita Podcast.

Sunita has over 30 years of experience in the personal practice of yoga. Over the past 20 years, she has taught thousands of students in Australia, USA, and India. Sunita has studied Yoga and Meditation, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, and the Vedas and Upanishads with teachers from around the world. Today, she offers mentoring sessions, group sessions, talks, workshops to bring the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda into day-to-day life.

Shannon and Sunita discuss why finding a niche is important for yoga teachers, their own individual journeys discovering their niches, and how you can figure out your own niche. Shannon also highlights some of the myths around niching down and shares some tips for overwhelmed yoga teachers.

Key Takeaways:

[1:27] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Sunita Patel. This episode was recorded for Sunita’s podcast, Meditation, Yoga & Stuff with Sunita.

[3:14] Sunita opens the podcast and Shannon introduces herself.

[4:47] Many yoga teachers struggle to find their footing in the yoga industry. Shannon shares her journey of how she discovered what worked for her and her suggestions that can help yoga teachers.

[9:29] How can yoga teachers find their niche?

 “What helps me … is focusing on: How can I help people? How can I share and how can I just invite people if it feels like a good fit?” ~ Shannon Crow 

[12:57] Sunita shares her struggles with finding her niche.

[16:42] Shannon highlights that there’s a little bit of a myth about finding your niche. It’s not just that you figure out your niche and that’s it. There’s more to it!

“Niche work is not easy.” ~ Shannon

[18:26] Finding your niche can be a lot about experimentation and taking stock of what’s working and what isn’t.

[22:13] Sunita shares her perspective on why she hosts her podcast.

[25:11] Shannon explains how she got interested in the topic of pelvic health and explains a little about the pelvic floor.

[29:53] Sunita and Shannon discuss how there is a lot of taboo and shame associated with talking about the pelvic floor and how yoga can help.

[33:14] Shannon gives a shout out to sponsor OfferingTree.

[35:02] How did the Connected Yoga Teacher come about and how has it evolved?

[39:21] Starting a yoga business can be a lot with many moving parts and things to consider. What are some of Shannon’s tips for yoga teachers who may be feeling overwhelmed?

“There’s a myth that entrepreneurs and yoga teachers just like get to a point where they have it all figured out.” ~ Shannon Crow

[43:56] Everything changes really fast, especially with marketing.

[46:29] Shannon shares her contact details and how to join the Facebook group.

[49:24] Shannon shares some final closing thoughts and information.


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