322: The Creative Cycle with Wenlin Tan

Feeling stuck, procrastinating, and facing a day when you don’t want to do the work that is ahead of you as an entrepreneur are all normal parts of life and business. How can we understand these phases and move with them? Wenlin Tan shares insights about the creative cycle and how we can work with it instead of against it.

Wenlin Tan is a Qigong and Yoga Teacher Trainer, women’s health & well-being specialist, growth consultant and curious human. She specializes in supporting female yoga teachers, healers and changemakers to optimize their well-being and impact in the world by aligning with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Qigong, yoga and psychology.

In this episode, Wenlin explains the creative cycle and how it ties into the common challenges many entrepreneurs face such as resistance and procrastination. She shares some tools that we can use to overcome these challenges and reminds us that our ideas are not ours and we are merely vessels bringing them to the world. This is a deeply insightful conversation that can bring perspective to how we show up in our work in the world.

Key Takeaways:

[2:43] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Wenlin Tan.

[5:30] What does Wenlin do and who does she do it for?

[6:18] Wenlin explains a little about what the creativity cycle is.

“The idea that things are linear is actually not true. The idea of growth and businesses, how we expand is actually cyclical.” ~ Wenlin Tan 

[9:10] What are some common challenges that understanding the creative cycle can help with?

“We can practice this cycle, but we cannot force creativity.” ~ Wenlin Tan 

[12:51] We can often get stuck in trying to focus on planting new seeds (ideas) rather than doing the work of moving one seed (idea) through an entire cycle. How do we know what are “good seeds” to focus on?

[16:29] The seeds do not belong to us – we are merely vessels for them. It’s important not to take our “failures” personally.

“Before even thinking about what seed to get attached to or what seed is a really good seed is to remember that none of the seeds really belong to us.” ~ Wenlin Tan 

[17:42] The creative cycle can be related to the menstrual cycle, and it applies even for people who don’t menstruate.

[27:53] Shannon pops in with a word of thanks to sponsor OfferingTree.

[29:36] What are the elements associated with the creative cycle?

[36:35] What is the biggest struggle Wenlin sees among yoga teachers and other creatives?

[41:00] What are some tools that Wenlin finds useful when you are experiencing resistance?

[44:02] Wenlin shares some of the ways she finds the balance between tasks she is excited about and tasks she does not enjoy.

[46:47] Learn more about Wenlin and her work via her website and social media.

[49:50] Wenlin has a message for listeners.

[54:39] Shannon shares some of her biggest takeaways from this conversation.

“Growth is not linear. Work is not linear. Life is not linear. And more importantly, your path, your cycle, your strengths, your challenges will be different from someone else’s.” ~ Wenlin Tan 

[57:54] Hang out with Shannon in real time at the Balance Flow Yoga series with Shelly Prosko


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