319: Do I Need Another Yoga Training? with Shannon Crow

It is a common trend among yoga teachers to take one yoga teacher training (YTT) program after another. But is it really necessary and when should you consider taking another YTT? Shannon Crow explores some of the main reasons yoga teachers sign up for YTTs.

There are several reasons why yoga teachers take YTTs. Continuing education is important, but for many yoga teachers, it is often a case of wanting to get more students, make more income, be offered more teaching opportunities, and deepen their expertise in a specialty. Shannon dives into why a YTT may not be the right course of action in some cases, and when it does add value. She also touches on the pyramid scheme of YTTs and some things to watch out for before signing up.

This is the perfect episode to listen to if you are considering signing up for another YTT – give this a listen and ask yourself if you really need another yoga training or if there’s something else that would help you achieve the results you are looking for instead.

Key Takeaways:

[2:25] It’s common for yoga teachers to take many yoga trainings, but this may not be necessary!

[4:44] Do you really need another yoga teacher training right now? Shannon shares a question she asked in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group.

[6:15] Shannon explores the first reason people have for signing up for another YTT – to get more students in their classes or increase their income – and what you could do instead.

“Are your students who are signing up going to know that you took this other teacher training?” ~ Shannon Crow

[8:22] Another reason yoga teachers cite for taking another YTT is they want to be recognized as more of an expert or they want more teaching opportunities.

[10:00] Shannon gives a shout out to sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[12:36] Yoga teachers often take a YTT to upgrade their skills or education to teach specific styles of yoga or a specific population.

“You could take all the training in the world. But if you’re not telling people about that niche, that is not going to move the needle for you in terms of being recognized as an expert or getting more teaching opportunities.”
~ Shannon Crow

[13:27] There are also yoga teachers who sign up for YTTs for the community it offers.

[13:51] What if you waited to make some profit and then use that profit to invest in your next yoga teacher training or continuing education course?

“What would it feel like if you waited to make some profit and then use that profit to invest in your next yoga teacher training or continuing education course?” ~ Shannon Crow

[14:52] Shannon addresses something she has observed in the yoga industry – pressuring yoga teachers to “invest” in continuing education, mentorship, or coaching.

[17:26] You can wait to make a profit in your yoga business first before signing up for the next course or training.


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