317: Balance Flow Yoga with Shelly Prosko

As we age, our balance reaction changes, our strength decreases, and our general mobility is reduced. This can put us at greater risk of falls. Movement is a great tool to help prevent falls, improve balance, and also reduce the risk of injuries. In this episode, Shelly Prosko shares more about her new offer – Balance Flow Yoga – designed to address these common concerns.

Why is balance so important for yoga teachers, yoga students, and people who are interested in pelvic health? Shelly explains how she came to offer Balance Flow Yoga and why it is such a relevant topic for everyone. This offer is created in such a way that yoga teachers would be able to experience it and then go on to share it in their community – why was this such an essential part of how this program is structured and what’s covered in the program? Shelly answers these questions and more.

Tune in to learn more about Balance Flow Yoga and how you can join the upcoming training sessions with Shelly Prosko!

Key Takeaways:

[1:13] Shannon gives a shout out to sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[2:29] Shannon welcomes returning guest Shelly Prosko to the podcast.

[2:29] What is the work that Shelly does?

[4:26] How did the idea for Balance Flow Yoga come about?

“We have evidence that shows movement is really good to help prevent falls, to help improve our balance and also reduce the risk of injuries.” ~ Shelly Prosko

[7:36] How has Shelly been sharing Balance Flow Yoga out in her community?

[9:16] Why did Shelly think that it was important for yoga teachers to be able to share this in their community?

“It’s wonderful to be able to translate the research… and then to actually offer that in the community for everybody.” ~ Shelly Prosko

[16:39] Shannon pops in with a quick message about OfferingTree.

[18:15] Shelly talks about some of the things they cover in terms of the balance aspect in her course.

“Our world just kind of gets smaller and smaller and we do less and less because we’re afraid to fall. And then that causes it, it perpetuates the cycle.” ~ Shelly Prosko

[19:13] Balance Flow Yoga also has a connection to the pelvic floor.

“We can look at different meditative practices and different breathing practices that can not only help us with our movement but also with the emotions of confidence and self-compassion.” ~ Shelly Prosko

[22:14] Shannon shares the details of the upcoming Balance Flow Yoga course.

[23:01] Who should attend and what should you bring when you sign up?

[25:11] Get the early bird pricing if you sign up by the end of March!

[25:56] Sign up for Balance Flow Yoga with Shelly Prosko on the Pelvic Health Professionals website.


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