316: Holidays, Vacation & CEO Days with Shannon Crow

Do you plan out your vacation days, holidays, and CEO days? Do you schedule them into your calendar to ensure you have no-work days to look forward to? If you don’t already do this, this episode is for you!

It can feel uncomfortable to take time off work, or even impossible but we need to find a balance. Shannon shares how she has managed to take time off for holidays and vacations even as a single mother of three young children and encourages you to reflect on the time you would like to take off in your yoga business. She also talks about the importance of taking CEO days in your business to plan and move forward. Listen in for tips on how to plan for vacations and holidays in your business, especially if you feel like you don’t have time to take time off from work!

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] Shannon continues the theme of the last few podcast episodes in talking about taking breaks, time off, and vacations.

[4:01] Shannon gives a shout out of thanks to sponsors OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[6:56] To help plan out her vacations and time off from work, Shannon recommends looking at a big annual calendar to see the year at a glance.

[8:29] Ask yourself: How many days off a year do you want to take for a vacation, staycation, or just to not work?

“How many days off a year do you want to take for vacation or a staycation?” ~ Shannon Crow 

[10:25] Shannon invites you to reflect on a number for the amount of time you would like to take off working and to notice what comes up for you.

[11:53] You can plan for time off and give yourself the flexibility to change things if needed.

[12:54] Add your vacation time to your calendar. Then mark off the holidays that you want to take off work too. Include state and country holidays, but also think about if there are special days (birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations) you want to be off work too!

“The important thing is that you are adding some vacation time to your calendar.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[13:33] Shannon uses OfferingTree to help her to plan her vacations, holidays, and time off.

[15:00] CEO days are planning times for you to look at data from your business and your goals and make big plans.

“CEO planning time is where you get to look at the data from your business and your big goals and dreams and ideas and you get to plan big.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[18:27] Shannon shares some other resources that may be helpful to you as you plan out your vacations, time off, and CEO planning days.

“I want to see you really sustain yourself and be in this and enjoying your life outside of work.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[19:56] Hang out with Shannon in real-time!


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