315: Let’s Talk Time Off with Shannon Crow

Apart from taking breaks in your work day, it is also important to take time off from work. Whether that’s vacations, time away from teaching yoga, or time off for personal development or your mental health and wellbeing, this is a critical element of not getting burnt out. Shannon Crow shares insights from our very own Connected Yoga Teachers. 

Shannon reads comments from different yoga teachers in the Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group about how and when they take time off. Everyone’s situation is unique and what works for one person may not for others. Tune in to hear how different yoga business owners are working time off into their schedule and use this episode as an inspiration for you to take more time off work too!

Key Takeaways:

[1:02] This week’s episode will focus on taking time off, especially when you’re feeling overworked and stretched to your limit.

“Time off has a really positive impact for employees for sure, but also for companies.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[1:48] Have you heard about the 4-day workweek? Shannon shares some findings from the largest trial of the 4-day work week.

[3:25] Shannon plans her time off and then fits her work time in.

[5:33] Shannon gives a shout-out to sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[7:07] Shannon recently asked yoga teachers in the Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group about their thoughts on taking time off.

[8:35] Shannon reads a reply from Erin Olsson.

[10:59] Shannon shares some comments from Jennifer Parker about how taking time off has evolved for her, and Rebecca Sebastian’s comment about how Jennifer inspired her.

[14:42] Shannon reads a comment from Nathan Shiva retiring early to follow his passion – yoga.

[15:51] Before reading a few more shares from yoga teachers, Shannon answers a question she often gets about how to create an online studio membership. OfferingTree is a great option to check out!

[17:07] Charisma Whitefeather commented on the post that she takes about 50 days off a year!

[17:42] If you feel like it’s impossible for you to take that many days off, Shannon invites you to explore how you can start taking action to make that a reality.

“Let’s start small and slow if that feels like a good fit for you.” ~ Shannon Crow

[18:58] Some yoga teachers shared their less-than-ideal situation with taking time off.

[21:59] Another yoga teacher, Sarah Garden, commented that most yoga teachers who live off their yoga income alone work too much.

[24:10] Shannon reads another comment shared by Barbara Germershausen.

[26:24] Everyone has a unique situation – not everyone’s 24 hours looks the same.

“What would be the baby step to make [your dream time off] possible?” ~ Shannon Crow

[28:11] Shannon gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming episodes and some exciting real-time events!


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