314: Plan Your Breaks with Shannon Crow

Taking breaks as an entrepreneur and yoga business owner is important, yet difficult to do. It can be easy to dive into your work and forget about taking time off until you hit burnout or start to resent your schedule and even the work you do! Planning your breaks into your schedule can be helpful.

Shannon Crow shares a series of journaling prompts that you can use to reflect on what your ideal week would look like, as well as to include breaks into your work schedule. Using these journal prompts, take some time to write your responses and see what comes up for you. Then, start getting creative on how you can implement this into your life.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is serious about taking breaks from work and is keen to take action to create their ideal schedule!

Key Takeaways:

[0:56] Taking breaks as an entrepreneur and yoga business owner is important, yet difficult!

“It can be so easy to focus on the work and forget about time off until you hit burnout.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[2:32] Shannon gives a shout out to sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[3:56] Sometimes, we are in a season where we don’t get time off.

[6:25] This podcast is an actionable podcast, so go get your paper and pen or somewhere to write!

“We want to build a schedule that is not only sustainable but is also your dream schedule because that’s why you became an entrepreneur.” ~ Shannon Crow

[8:33] Shannon has some journaling prompts for you if you are serious about taking time off.

[15:59] Take your time with these questions and make your responses as detailed as possible.

[16:26] How can you set up reminders for yourself about the important things as you set up your work schedule?

[16:56] Shannon shares a tip that has worked very well for her to manage her schedule.

“Notice with compassion what feelings start to come up as you outline your work hours.” ~ Shannon Crow

[18:17] Join the conversation about taking time off in the Connected Yoga Teachers Facebook group and share your ideal week with Shannon!

[19:05] If you want to connect with Shannon in real time, there are some fun ways to do that!

Journal Prompts

  1. On an ideal work day, I feel…

  2. I can easily get my meaningful work done between the hours of _____ to _____.

  3. An ideal start to my day feels…

  4. Before I start work for the day, I want to…

  5. The next one is my lunch break is _____ hours.

  6. Between work, I take _____ minute breaks where I…

  7. At the end of my workday, I feel…

  8. To close my workday, I do these three things.

  9. Before I move into “after work” time, I…

  10. In my average work week, I have _____ days off.

  11. Is there anything else that you want to feel or outline to have your ideal work week?


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