313: 6 Years of Podcasting with Shannon Crow

Shannon is celebrating six years of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast! Thank you, dear listener, for your continued support of the podcast through the years. Shannon reflects on her journey in the past six years of podcasting and shares her gratitude for the team, sponsors, and people around her who have helped keep the podcast going.

Keeping a podcast going for six years is no small feat. Shannon also shares some of the tools she uses to keep organized and how she has managed to never run out of content ideas! Tune in to hear some of Shannon’s lessons learned from podcasting.

Key Takeaways:

[0:57] Shannon is celebrating six years of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast!

[2:18] Shannon thanks you, the listener, for your continued support of the podcast.

[3:55] Shannon gives a shout out to the team that helps create the podcast each and every week.

[7:02] Special thanks to the sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

[8:37] How does it feel to be podcasting for six years?

[9:31] Shannon has a spreadsheet where she keeps track of every single podcast episode. It shows every single topic that was covered and the guests who have come on the podcast. Shannon reflects on this.

“If you are looking at a big project, don’t look at all the what ifs and where that might lead. Don’t let that hold you back or scare you.” ~ Shannon Crow

[11:08] One thing that keeps Shannon going on the tough days is thinking about how she helps yoga teachers. She keeps the podcast organized with Trello.

“Podcasting is not about having all the answers, it is about listening.” ~ Shannon Crow

[13:05] For Shannon, a huge part of being able to come up with content for the podcast has been focusing on her niche.

[14:58] How can you apply to be a guest on the podcast?

[16:47] Shannon has a quick message for you about OfferingTree.

[19:03] Shannon is grateful to be in a place where it feels like the work she does is the right fit.

” I am incredibly grateful and a lot of that gratitude is to you because you are here listening and supporting the podcast and you’re the reason for the podcast.” ~ Shannon Crow

[20:24] Shannon shares her gratitude for other people who have helped her keep the  podcast going by supporting her.

[22:28] Shannon has learned some big lessons from her podcasting journey.

[23:32] Shannon summarizes her six-year podcasting journey.

“If you have an idea, what is one small baby step that you could do towards that idea today?” ~ Shannon Crow


Gratitude to our Sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

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