310: How To Create a Yoga Routine with Shannon Crow

Many yoga teachers started teaching yoga because they experienced the benefits of it for themselves and wanted to share it with others. However, once they start teaching and dive into running a yoga business, it can feel challenging to maintain a consistent personal yoga practice.

In this episode, Shannon Crow explores the reasons yoga teachers often give for not creating a self-care practice that feels nurturing to them, and what the benefits are of cultivating that personal practice. She shares her tips and strategies that have helped her form habits around her personal yoga routine and explains why falling away from our practice is normal – and how to get back to it. If you have been wanting to start a yoga routine for yourself, this episode is for you.

Key Takeaways:

[1:41] Shannon introduces her topic for this episode – how to create and maintain a personal yoga practice.

[3:17] Shannon gives a shout out to sponsors, OfferingTree and Pelvic Health Professionals.

“What is holding you back from creating a self-care practice that is nurturing for you?” ~Shannon Crow

[4:40] What is holding you back from creating a self-care practice that is nurturing for you?

[6:22] You are not alone if you have fallen away from your personal yoga practice.

[9:15] Why is having a personal practice so important?

“Your personal practice is an amazing source of fuel for your life and business. It’s like a promise that you make to yourself.” ~ Shannon Crow

[10:34] Shannon invites you to consider the intention of your personal practice as well as what your dream personal practice looks like.

[12:03] If creating a personal practice feels impossible to you right now, Shannon encourages you to dig into why that is.

[12:33] You don’t need to choose movement as a part of your personal practice if it doesn’t feel good to you.

[14:28] You can try out your chosen practice for a set amount of time to see how it feels to you.

“Don’t wait for the someday of it. Build your ideal personal practice and you’ll slowly see that your ideal schedule will also build out of that.” ~ Shannon Crow

[16:29] Shannon pops in to share how she is personally using OfferingTree to book podcast guests.

[18:18] Why is creating a routine around our personal practice so important?

[20:01] Shannon shares some tips and strategies to make it easier to start and maintain a habit.

“Similarity and routine really brings us comfort as humans and it really helps us to build it into being a habit.” ~ Shannon Crow

[23:34] How can we get back to our personal practice when life throws us off track?

[27:06] How do you build a personal practice and stick to it? What are your tips and ideas? Share them!

[27:56] Shannon shares ways that you can connect with her in real-time.


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