Shannon Crow308: Time to Rest and Refuel with Shannon Crow

As yoga teachers, we all know that we cannot pour from an empty cup. We cannot give to others or connect with others, nor do our most creative and meaningful work when we’re feeling exhausted, drained, and depleted. That’s why it’s important to take time to rest and refuel when things feel tough and overwhelming.

In this episode, Shannon Crow shares some of her strategies for finding time to rest and recharge every day and why rest is so important for us. However, rest isn’t just about sleeping and there are different kinds of rest we need. Shannon invites you to consider: What would it look like for you today if rest and refuel time was your top priority?

Key Takeaways:

[1:16] Shannon introduces the topic for this episode – taking time to rest and refuel.

[1:41] Shannon shares an update from sponsor, OfferingTree.

[4:32] What can you do in this moment that would bring you ease and comfort as you listen?

[5:52] Check in with yourself to see what emotions are here for you at this moment.

[7:13] Shannon shares why noticing your emotions is a key part of resting and refueling.

[9:47] Shannon shares a little about her own journey in finding time to rest and refuel.

“We can’t just depend on sleep to restore us.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[15:23] Yoga teachers and entrepreneurs often ask Shannon how she’s gotten to a place where she’s been podcasting for almost 6 years and working for herself for 18 years.

[15:23] We can often have our inner critic kick in. It is important to notice when this happens.

[16:30] When she’s going through a tough time, Shannon asks herself two questions. 1) How am I feeling?, 2) What baby steps can I take to bring more ease and comfort in this tough moment?

“Acknowledge those feelings, it’s okay to not be okay.” – Tess Jewell-Larsen 

[18:56] We can find ways to fit rest and restoration into our daily lives.

[21:29] What would that look like for you today if rest and refuel time was your top priority?

“What would that look like for you today if rest and refuel time was your top priority?” ~ Shannon Crow 

[24:00] Shannon shares what’s upcoming on the podcast.


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