306: Is There More Room for Online Yoga? with Sadie Nardini

If you have ever had the thought that “everyone is teaching yoga online, why should I add to the mix?” or felt like “someone else has already done what I want to do, why should I even bother”, you are not alone. Sadie Nardini answers the question that many yoga teachers are asking these days – is there more room for online yoga?

Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style, designed to help people get stronger more safely, without wasting time or energy. She is a top online yoga and fitness course creator with a thriving online subscription studio: The Fit & Fierce Club. She translates her years of technical knowledge into success tools that are easy to understand and implement. Sadie is also the lead singer of the rock band Sadie & The Tribe.

As someone who was teaching yoga online long before the pandemic started, Sadie has a lot of experience in the online space. She shares her opinions about whether there is really room in the yoga world for more online yoga especially now that a lot of yoga teachers and studios have moved online because of the pandemic. Spoiler alert – there’s PLENTY of room for everyone. Sadie also explains why it’s so important to show up as yourself, regardless of how you look or how young or flexible you are (or aren’t) and how this can make your marketing online unique. She shares tips on how to tap into your creativity, how to stay consistent in your marketing, and more!

Key Takeaways:

[0:51] Shannon invites listeners to thank OfferingTree for sponsoring this podcast for a full year by creating a post on social media.

[3:28] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Sadie Nardini.

[8:46] Who is Sadie and what does she do?

[12:00] Sadie shares how she discovered her own style and uniqueness as a yoga teacher.

“It was me realizing I wasn’t being true to myself and just deciding to do something I wasn’t seeing out there and I think that’s where my success came from.” ~ Sadie Nardini

[14:46] As a surprise for Rebecca Sebastian (Ep. 304), Shannon invited her to join this call with Sadie.

[19:10] What would Sadie say to a yoga teacher who believes that there is no room for them to teach yoga online, especially since the pandemic?

“Everyone has something unique to offer.” ~ Sadie Nardini

[20:35] How can yoga teachers market themselves online without having to leverage their sad stories or trauma?

[25:28] How does Sadie plan her marketing so that she is consistently offering people value in some way?

“If you’re not in the business of serving other people and helping them, then go get a job that pays you better.” ~ Sadie Nardini

[28:51] Sadie recently made a shift in the audience she was connecting with. What was that experience like?

[34:10] Shannon highlights the fact that people do want to learn from teachers who are older or have experienced pain or mobility issues because they bring that experience to their classes.

“If you don’t go [online] you have a 100% chance of failure. And if you do go on there, the percentage is way less.” ~ Sadie Nardini

[36:40] There is a shift happening in the yoga industry as the first real generation of women yoga teachers are aging – how do they navigate continuing their careers?

[40:54] Shannon pops in to share a little about OfferingTree and how it has helped her run her business more efficiently.

“Generating content from your passionate inner core is really important because it’s just shinier energetically.” ~ Sadie Nardini

[42:40] How can yoga teachers recognize their gifts and know that they have something unique and important to share online?

[45:39] Sadie shares some insights about how to practice yoga so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on our bodies in the future.

[50:16] What tips does Sadie have for a yoga teacher who is just starting out and doesn’t have the same level of support?

“When we get together, we rise together.” ~ Sadie Nardini

[55:42] What strategies does Sadie use to open the lines of communication with her audience online?

[58:28] What are some things that Sadie does to foster her creativity?

[62:35] You need to sit with yourself to get the inspiration and creativity from within.

[65:50] What are your biggest takeaways from this conversation with Sadie?


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