305: Kicked Out of Yoga [Part 2] with Chioma Njoku

Learning and unlearning is part of our journey as yoga teachers and as humans. In Episode 275, Shannon shared stories from people who had been kicked out of yoga class or made to feel unwelcome in yoga spaces. Chioma Njoku, podcast listener, shared a response to this episode, featured here.

Chioma is the owner and Chief Mindful Operator at the Mindful Bookkeeper. She is also the host of the Cheers to Your Prosperity podcast. Using the lessons she has learned from her own financial struggles, her professional experience as an accountant for over 18 years, and Financial Coach, Chioma helps entrepreneurs and small business owners keep more of their hard-earned money in the bank without sacrificing the things that make life enjoyable.

In her response, Chioma reflects on how she may have contributed to making her yoga classes feel unwelcoming to some people because of what and how she was taught. She also shares a personal experience where she was kicked out of a yoga class. It is brave and vulnerable and we can all learn a lot from this to do better as yoga teachers and make the yoga world a more welcoming space for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

[3:28] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Chioma Njoku.

[6:50] Chioma shares a response to the podcast episode about being kicked out of a yoga class.

“Not many people are willing to speak to some of the unfortunate things of the industry, but in understanding some of the shadows of any industry, specifically this industry that’s overall intended to be good, it helps those of us who do teach yoga.” ~ Chioma Njoku

[11:52] Shannon pops to share a resource that has helped her book her podcast interviews.

[13:54] Chioma shares the incident that got her kicked out of a yoga studio.

[18:06] Shannon invites you to share your thoughts about this topic or anything else in the yoga world.

“Sometimes we do have to take the negative feedback, the neutral feedback along with the positive feedback to really make this a much better situation.” ~ Chioma Njoku

[20:37] Shannon shares some ways you can connect with her and continue learning forward.


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